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How old is your Android phone? Many of us like to hold onto our phones simply because it’s expensive to buy a new one! We also get comfortable with how they are set up and don’t want to go through the hassle of learning a new one. Should you still use an older Android phone?

The answer is no. These older phones are probably not safe.

Why older phones are bad

There are hundreds of different models of mobile phones out there using the Android operating system. It’s so popular because it is easy to customize, modify, and set up your device precisely as you want it. The manufacturers can do these customizations, too, and therein lies the problem.

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The amount of different models makes it impossible to keep finding and patching security holes for every one of them. So after about two or three years, the manufacturers give up.

Approximately 40 percent of active Android devices are no longer receiving security updates. This means that if a new vulnerability is discovered on that model, there will be no patch to fix it.

Google has set a rule that manufacturers must provide only two years of updates for devices. So if you are using a phone that is more than two years old, it may be no longer getting the updates it needs to keep you safe from hackers and malicious software.

Is my phone safe?

Which phones are at risk for these security breaches, and how can you tell if you have one?

  • Any Android phone that is three years old or older
  • Phones running anything earlier than Android 8 Oreo
  • A phone that says it has all the updates but was updated months or even years ago

Recently out-of-support devices won’t have problems right away, but without security updates, the risk of being hacked increases exponentially. You may not even notice that your phone is outdated until you attempt to download software, but the app is incompatible with your phone’s operating system.

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To tell if your phone is still updating, go to Settings and check your software updates. Going to “System -> Advanced -> System Update” is a good start. Usually you’ll see some indication here as to when the phone was last updated.

Make your phone safer

If you just can’t get a new phone right now but your old one is one of these at-risk devices, what can you do to stay safe? You won’t be able to eliminate all threats, but you can reduce your chances of being hacked.

Because Androids are customizable, it is possible to add extra security to your device. Most of these solutions are easy to implement and maintain. It just takes a little time.

  • Add extra security to your device, like a reliable third-party antivirus and anti-malware application. Tools like password managers, ad blockers, and two-factor authentication can help extend the lifespan of an old phone, too.
  • Download an Android VPN to protect the Internet connection.
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  • Be extra careful when downloading anything from the Google Play Store. Although most apps will be safe, there are some malicious apps that could more easily affect an older phone.
  • Don’t download apps from third-party or unofficial app stores.
  • Consider rooting your device and switching to an open-source Android OS, like LineageOS. It’s still possible that you will face another security issue, but at least you’ll receive regular security updates to give you more protection than you’d have on an unsupported operating system. Rooting your phone may sound like a bad security decision, but now you have full control over the security of your phone rather than relying on outdated and unsupported OS.
  • Finally, consider getting a new device. It doesn’t have to be the latest flagship model. You can get a decent, budget Android phone running Android 10 for about $200.


Many Android users are perfectly happy with their older phones and don’t see any reason to update. Nothing seems to be wrong with the phone. It still runs great, and they have all the functionality they need. However, the outdated software issue is lurking under the surface, making it easy for hackers to access the phone.

If you want to hold onto your old phone a little while longer, make your device as safe as possible. Try implementing as many of the suggestions in this article as you can. That way, you will make it more difficult for someone else to infiltrate your phone and get your data. Alternatively, you can repurpose your old Android phone, like turning it into a dash cam, a smart speaker, and more.

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