Should You Upgrade to Ubuntu 15.04?

Should You Upgrade to Ubuntu 15.04?

It’s been a few weeks since Ubuntu 15.04, code named “Vivid Vervet,” has been available for download for Ubuntu fans. Canonical has certainly included a lot of wanted improvements to an already strong Linux distribution, but the question remains: should you upgrade to Ubuntu 15.04?

Why you should consider upgrading

This question is a difficult one – one that can be answered in many different ways, depending on what kind of Linux user you are. If you’re the type of user that clamors for new driver and software updates each release, then yes, seriously consider clicking on that upgrade button and moving on over to 15.04.

Ubuntu 15.04 desktop.

Vivid Veret comes with a lot of cool stuff, most notably: Systemd– a very powerful init system that many, many Linux distributions have started to adopt as of late. This is the first Ubuntu desktop release with this software added in. If you’re an advance Linux user interested in seeing what all the fuss is about surrounding systemd, this may be all the convincing you need.

Vivid Veret comes with Systemd.

Besides all the talk about init systems, there are some other important upgrades too. For example: 15.04 ships with a newer version of the Linux kernel (version 3.19 to be exact), so it’s very likely that you’ll see some newer kernel drivers for your devices or maybe even some improvements for your devices or support for your particular machine in general. That’s something everyone can get behind.

Ubuntu 15.04 ships with Linux kernel 3.19.

Along with kernel drivers, Ubuntu has always made it really easy to install proprietary drivers for use with your hardware devices (video cards and other things). With 15.04, they’ve included the latest and greatest drivers. Are you a gamer? 15.04 might be the version you want to be on, as it includes more up to date video drivers.

Ubuntu 15.04 includes more up to date video drivers.

All that stuff about systemd and a newer kernel are very important to the future of Ubuntu, but it’s not something most average users care about, right? A regular Ubuntu user probably has no idea what systemd is, and that’s totally fine. Back end stuff isn’t that important to the average person. What is important, however, is what 15.04 brings to the table for regular people.

With 15.04 you get the freshest pieces of software directly in the Ubuntu software center. If you love the latest stuff, look no further. Ubuntu has you covered. As soon as you install it, you get the freshest Firefox, Chromium, Gimp, Pidgin, and so on. Every piece of software is the freshest it can be for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 15.04 desktop.

If you love the Unity desktop environment, this iteration of it is the best one yet. It’s faster and snappier, so you can get your work done a little bit faster. What’s even cooler is that overall the system uses a lot less memory and processor resources to get things done. Overall, the tweaks that the Ubuntu team have put into action in this release really have shined through making 15.04 the speediest version yet. Each release we see, this desktop get more and more polished. 15.04 is no exception.

Ubuntu flavours.

It doesn’t just end at Unity. 15.04 also comes with a refreshed lineup of Ubuntu flavors such as Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu as well as Ubuntu Gnome, Ubuntu Mate and many others. Each of these spins bring new and updated software and desktop environments that would make any user excited!

It has some big changes (like systemd) as well as some Unity tweaks, but overall it’s a very nice business-as-usual release. There’s nothing groundbreaking that’s going to make people think twice about using it (unless we’re talking about the init system thing). If you’re interested in the latest and greatest software and are an Ubuntu fan, head over to, download it and get going!

Why you should consider staying on an LTS release (14.04)

Distribution releases are great; they give you the latest software and kernel updates as well as drivers and everything else. That’s something I would argue everyone likes. Still, not everyone likes taking time out of their day to completely redo their computer. And sure, not everyone cares about the latest and greatest. Some people want their Linux distribution to be ultra-stable and that’s it.

Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS

If you’re that type of person, feel free to skip over Vivid Vervet. Ubuntu’s long term support is notorious for getting small patches here and there, with updates to the kernel as well! Not to mention, since this is an LTS release; you’ll no doubt be getting software updates as well!

Ubuntu Software Center

If you’re not a developer, or someone that cares about the newest software out there, sticking with 14.04 (or even 14.10) is a solid choice. Outside of some Unity tweaks, systemd along with driver updates and access to new software (like Plasma 5), you’re not missing much. All your hardware already works, right?


Ubuntu 15.04 is the fastest, snappiest release yet. Fans of new software and updated drivers rejoice! Upgrading to Vivid Vervet is without question something every Ubuntu fan should consider doing. Why? This release improves a Linux distribution that you already love. It comes packed with software and driver updates, a fresher version of the Linux kernel, speed and stability tweaks along with a brand new init system! What’s not to love?

What do you think of Ubuntu 15.04? Will you upgrade? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments below!

Derrik Diener
Derrik Diener

Derrik Diener is a freelance technology blogger.

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