Should You Upgrade to Ubuntu 15.04?

Should You Upgrade to Ubuntu 15.04?

It’s been a few weeks since Ubuntu 15.04, code named “Vivid Vervet,” has been available for download for Ubuntu fans. Canonical has certainly included a lot of wanted improvements to an already strong Linux distribution, but the question remains: should you upgrade to Ubuntu 15.04?

Why you should consider upgrading

This question is a difficult one – one that can be answered in many different ways, depending on what kind of Linux user you are. If you’re the type of user that clamors for new driver and software updates each release, then yes, seriously consider clicking on that upgrade button and moving on over to 15.04.

Ubuntu 15.04 desktop.

Vivid Veret comes with a lot of cool stuff, most notably: Systemd– a very powerful init system that many, many Linux distributions have started to adopt as of late. This is the first Ubuntu desktop release with this software added in. If you’re an advance Linux user interested in seeing what all the fuss is about surrounding systemd, this may be all the convincing you need.

Vivid Veret comes with Systemd.

Besides all the talk about init systems, there are some other important upgrades too. For example: 15.04 ships with a newer version of the Linux kernel (version 3.19 to be exact), so it’s very likely that you’ll see some newer kernel drivers for your devices or maybe even some improvements for your devices or support for your particular machine in general. That’s something everyone can get behind.

Ubuntu 15.04 ships with Linux kernel 3.19.

Along with kernel drivers, Ubuntu has always made it really easy to install proprietary drivers for use with your hardware devices (video cards and other things). With 15.04, they’ve included the latest and greatest drivers. Are you a gamer? 15.04 might be the version you want to be on, as it includes more up to date video drivers.

Ubuntu 15.04 includes more up to date video drivers.

All that stuff about systemd and a newer kernel are very important to the future of Ubuntu, but it’s not something most average users care about, right? A regular Ubuntu user probably has no idea what systemd is, and that’s totally fine. Back end stuff isn’t that important to the average person. What is important, however, is what 15.04 brings to the table for regular people.

With 15.04 you get the freshest pieces of software directly in the Ubuntu software center. If you love the latest stuff, look no further. Ubuntu has you covered. As soon as you install it, you get the freshest Firefox, Chromium, Gimp, Pidgin, and so on. Every piece of software is the freshest it can be for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 15.04 desktop.

If you love the Unity desktop environment, this iteration of it is the best one yet. It’s faster and snappier, so you can get your work done a little bit faster. What’s even cooler is that overall the system uses a lot less memory and processor resources to get things done. Overall, the tweaks that the Ubuntu team have put into action in this release really have shined through making 15.04 the speediest version yet. Each release we see, this desktop get more and more polished. 15.04 is no exception.

Ubuntu flavours.

It doesn’t just end at Unity. 15.04 also comes with a refreshed lineup of Ubuntu flavors such as Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu as well as Ubuntu Gnome, Ubuntu Mate and many others. Each of these spins bring new and updated software and desktop environments that would make any user excited!

It has some big changes (like systemd) as well as some Unity tweaks, but overall it’s a very nice business-as-usual release. There’s nothing groundbreaking that’s going to make people think twice about using it (unless we’re talking about the init system thing). If you’re interested in the latest and greatest software and are an Ubuntu fan, head over to, download it and get going!

Why you should consider staying on an LTS release (14.04)

Distribution releases are great; they give you the latest software and kernel updates as well as drivers and everything else. That’s something I would argue everyone likes. Still, not everyone likes taking time out of their day to completely redo their computer. And sure, not everyone cares about the latest and greatest. Some people want their Linux distribution to be ultra-stable and that’s it.

Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS

If you’re that type of person, feel free to skip over Vivid Vervet. Ubuntu’s long term support is notorious for getting small patches here and there, with updates to the kernel as well! Not to mention, since this is an LTS release; you’ll no doubt be getting software updates as well!

Ubuntu Software Center

If you’re not a developer, or someone that cares about the newest software out there, sticking with 14.04 (or even 14.10) is a solid choice. Outside of some Unity tweaks, systemd along with driver updates and access to new software (like Plasma 5), you’re not missing much. All your hardware already works, right?


Ubuntu 15.04 is the fastest, snappiest release yet. Fans of new software and updated drivers rejoice! Upgrading to Vivid Vervet is without question something every Ubuntu fan should consider doing. Why? This release improves a Linux distribution that you already love. It comes packed with software and driver updates, a fresher version of the Linux kernel, speed and stability tweaks along with a brand new init system! What’s not to love?

What do you think of Ubuntu 15.04? Will you upgrade? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments below!

Derrik Diener Derrik Diener

Derrik Diener is a freelance technology blogger.


  1. “This question is a difficult one”
    It is difficult only if Ubuntu is a religion with you. Ubuntu is the Linux version of Windows. As such, any self-respecting Linux aficionado would stay as far as possible away from it. They would use anything but Ubuntu.

    1. Ubuntu is the best chance for Linux to be a viable desktop experience. I agree that it is the “Windows” of the Linux world which is why it should be talked about in this type of forum. Your attitude (VERY snobbish) does not help the acceptance of Linux.

      1. Linux is about choice. The only choice one has with Ubuntu is whether to use it or not. Canonical dictates what desktop users will use, what apps they will use, and will not allow the user to remove any apps. Sounds very much like a certain monopolistic company in the Northwest of the US.

        “Your attitude (VERY snobbish) does not help the acceptance of Linux.”
        No. My attitude, snobbish or not, only prevents the acceptance of Ubuntu, not Linux. If I can dissuade even one person from using Ubuntu as their Linux distro of choice, I will be very happy. Accepting Ubuntu as Linux is going back to Windows, only a different company is pulling the strings. If you had the gumption to give up Windows, have the gumption to use a real Linux distro that allows YOU to control everything about your computer, not some Linux wannabe distro from a company that is trying very hard to emulate Microsoft and its monopolistic tactics.

        1. Thank you “dragonmouth”. Your snobbish attitude have convinced me to install Ubuntu instead of Debian on my machines and to also transfer all the machines that I handle for my friends and relatives to Ubuntu.

          Yes, you are snobbish and you hide behind “It’s all about choice”. Yes it is! It’s about Ubuntu or some other distribution. It’s also about different flavours of Ubuntu if your choice is Ubuntu, the same for other distributions.

          Yes, if your argument really only was about informing people that there are more to Linux then Ubuntu, I would agree with you. But your current argumentation is a disservice to the Linux community.

          On the subject. If you have upgraded to 14.10, then 15.04 is obvious choice. If you are still on 14.04, you might as well continue to use that until you have some software that you need to upgrade to latest version or when 16.04 get released.

          And if you ask me, the worst thing about the Linux community right now is this MS Windows attitude systemd that is adopted everywhere, with its “not invented here” attitude and its monolithic architecture.

          Yes, I have been using Unix since mid -80:th and Linux since mid -90:th, all in professional environments. So f**ck your “self-respecting Linux aficionado” high horses attitude.

          1. “Your snobbish attitude have convinced me to install Ubuntu instead of Debian on my machines and to also transfer all the machines that I handle for my friends and relatives to Ubuntu.”
            You’ve hurt me to the very quick! How can I ever forgive myself for having you and your friends for moving to Ubuntu? Somehow I think I’ll manage to move on with my life. In the meantime, I hope you and your friends enjoy Ubuntu.

            If you consider me not jumping up and down with joy over Ubuntu being “snobbish” then I’m guilty. If you consider having a strong opinion about something “snobbish” then I’m guilty. I’ve used Ubuntu and found it has many shortcomings, so I moved on to other distros.

            “your current argumentation is a disservice to the Linux community.”
            No, it is not. If anything, it may only be a disservice to the UBUNTU community. If Ubuntu disappeared today, Linux would survive with no problems.

            ” the worst thing about the Linux community right now is this MS Windows attitude systemd that is adopted everywhere, with its “not invented here” attitude and its monolithic architecture”

            ” So f**ck your “self-respecting Linux aficionado” high horses attitude.”
            How very articulate of you. People resort to invective when they know their argument is weak.

          2. dragonmouth: Yes, we do enjoy Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, etc. Each have their strength and weaknesses.

            And you got it wrong, it is YOU that are the snobbish one, not Ubuntu. And no, I actually don’t expect you to do anything, as that is probably all that you can do. Nothing.

            So you have found shortcomings in Ubuntu, good for you. Then you have the choice of using something else.

            But being snobbish against others that have come up to others choices and found Ubuntu to be ok is just that, condescending and that is not ok. Make your decision and move on, let others make theirs. They might not have the same criteria for what is good as you. It is ok to report your opinions, your findings and so. Which can be done without being condescending.

            It IS a disservice to Linux community, as your behavior makes the Linux community look bad.
            And no, nothing that you do against others that uses Ubuntu will be a disservice to only Ubuntu, only the community you say you represent, which is Linux community except Ubuntu. Now, Ubuntu community is also part of the Linux community. So actually, condescending to Ubuntu is to be condescending to Linux.

            No, I resort to invective AFTER I have placed my arguments, which is good enough arguments. And my invectives on you are retaliations on your insults on me. So get down from your high horses.

  2. I tried Kubuntu 15.04 64 Bit. It was horrible the video drivers cause he screen to flicker and shudder when ever I use the scroll wheel on my mouse and my LapTop runs like a dead one-legged-chicken. BTW the system settings came up saying it could find no views i.e. it can’t list the power setting keyboard setting etc. Also NO screen saver support. I don’t want to hear a thing about “xscreensaver” which is hopelessly/uselessly out of date and needs to be obsoleted. If this is improvement PLEASE don’t make it any better.

    1. Although I haven’t had the problems you have encountered (but have encountered other problems/bugs/ high memory use), I do feel Kubuntu 15.04 is very much a BETA quality release. It should definitely come with a warning that it is not yet ready for everyday use for new users or users not looking to test the newest version of KDE.

  3. I use Ubuntu since version 7 (don’t remember it’s name) and used Kurumin (a knoppix-based brazilian distro) before that, i work with networks and IT in general in a university, and i have lots of self respect, i could lend you some if you’ re lacking.
    I guess the article was intended to clarify things to average linux users (not the pro), who already have the 14.xx version of ubuntu installed, and don’t know if there’s really need to update to ubuntu 15.04, considering the short period between new releases.
    For myself, i will remain with ubuntu 14.04 on my work desktop, mint 17 on my notebook, and debian 7 in dual boot with windows 8.1 on my home desktop. I like stability, reliability, and support, wich i get with those os’s.
    No need to disrespect anyone ;-)

    1. “I guess the article was intended to clarify things to average linux users (not the pro)”
      I guess you qualify as “pro” since you have used Kurumin and use Debian besides *buntu.

      *buntu users are not “average Linux users.” They are people who want to brag about giving up Windows while using a very Windows-like O/S. They are afraid to really give up the comfortable( for them) world of Windows. They are nothing more than Linux poseurs.

      1. Yes, my friend, i think i qualify as a pro, since i started with Kurumin, then Ubuntu, Mint, Arch, Debian, Mageia, Slackware, Puppy, DSL, and many smaller disaster-recovery distros, including some Linux-based live cd’s from anti virus companies… i just didn’t want to mention all of them in my previous comment, as it looks like i’m only enumerating them, but yes, i’ve used all of them, mostly at home, but also for work. And i found Ubuntu as a quite stable distro, apart from some trouble with Hynix video drivers, used by HP, but it’s ok now. Not to mention the enormous amount of help that can be found wherever over the internet, which i found very useful and tranquilizing… but hey, who am i to try to dictate which distro must be used or which one doesn’t?
        I think you could give us all a light over that, i’m always open to new knowledge, maybe i’m just a click away to know the distro of my life!
        By the way, in case you need some help to remove software in ubuntu, just let me know, i can give you some tips, it’s ok to ask!

        1. ” in case you need some help to remove software in ubuntu, just let me know, i can give you some tips, it’s ok to ask!”
          Thanks for the offer, Mathias, but I have already removed any and all *buntu software from my computers. I prefer antiX, siduction or even PCLinuxOS, distros that leave the control of my systems in my hands.

          1. Good for you. So you have made your choices of what you prefer. So go on and play with those and let the rest of us make our choices without you being condescending on us.

          2. Hey man, poseur here! just FYI, I don’t brag about it, I only mention it if it comes up in conversation and people are asking me about what I think of Windows 10 or something.

            Maybe just like.. don’t use it if i you don’t want it?… and honestly, Ubuntu is good for beginningers who want to make the transition to Linux but are unsure. It’s a good one for them to test out to see if they like it.

            But what do I know? I’m just a poseur.

      2. Wow, what’s worse than an Apple snob? A Linux snob.

        Please, take your craft beer, cat-crap coffee beans, and your niche programming front end Linux and go disappear into the ether.

  4. I’m running Xubuntu 14.04 and recent updates have kernel 3.16 installed. Does/Do newer kernels fix/resolve laptop battery levels dropping like a rock. If I run windows, my laptop battery will last about 3.5-4 hrs…with Xubuntu about 1.5 hours if the planets are lined up correctly.

  5. depending on your location it is not easy to get up at speed using linux of any favour. as such it is more helpful to encourage trial and adoption of any linux distribution. as you gain more savvy naturally you can make a choice of any or all linux distros to use to please yourself.

  6. I will keep on using a 14.04 LTS derived distro until it ends support. My computer works even without the latest and greatest releases.

  7. Installed on top of Windows 8.1 in my laptop on a 64Gb USB flash drive. Wanted to be able to dual boot. Windows 8.1 has a strangle hold on the bios boot order. Keeps reverting to Windows when I want to pick at boot. Heard there is a Bios mod app. Hunting it now.

  8. I use SuSe, RHAT, Ubuntu and Mint but also OS X and Windows. I have used also HP-UX, DOS, CP-M, OS2, minix, Solaris, AIX, ultrix, sco unix with and without different GUI. You should upgrade only if there is some extra value for it (eg. solving some problems currently having or getting some needed features etc.. to help you achieve your personal or business goals..).

  9. Like Anders, I have been using various Unixen since the mid 80s and Linux since mid 90s. I have used many of the Linux distributions, starting with Slackware, and changing when there was a compelling reason. For example, when RedHat came out with their package manager, that was a compelling reason to change to their version. Debian was good for servers, because it was rock-solid stable, but using it for programming was horrible, because either you could have really old software (stable) or really broken software (sid). When Ubuntu appeared, it was the best of both worlds, stable but new. It appeared to be Sid + bugfixes. I have been using Ubuntu since it came out. It is interesting that RedHat seems to have taken Debian’s niche (RHEL for Debian Stable and Fedora for Sid), and Ubuntu is what RedHat used to be (stable and new software). Dragonmouth, I understand that you don’t like Unity. I don’t like it either, but there is a version of Ubuntu for every mainstream desktop out there, so you don’t have to use it. I like Gnome, so I use Ubuntu Gnome. I don’t know why you think Ubuntu is like Windows. Ubuntu is much easier to install and use. I don’t notice any loss of control over my system when I run Ubuntu, either. You seem to have a hipster attitude, hating anything that a lot of people use, if only because a lot of people use it. As you get older, you may find that it is often the case that a lot of people use things because they are the best things available. If cars were free, like Linuxes, you would see a lot more 3 Pointed Stars on the road.

    1. “. Dragonmouth, I understand that you don’t like Unity”
      No, you do not understand. You assume. I do not like Canonical. They behave so much like Microsoft. But as long as you brought it up, Unity, just like Metro, is great on touch screens. On non-touch screens, just like Metro, it leaves a lot to be desired.

      “You seem to have a hipster attitude, hating anything that a lot of people use, if only because a lot of people use it”
      It was my “hipster attitude” that made me switch from Windows to Linux. But as I learned Linux, I saw that it was much better than Windows.

      “As you get older, you may find that it is often the case that a lot of people use things because they are the best things available.”
      You mean like VCR over Beta or Windows over Linux and OS/X? As I have gotten older, I found that most people have a herd mentality. They use things that most of their friends use, not necessarily what is the best. I have also found that it best not to get into a discussion of what “best” is because everyone has their own idea on the subject.

      1. If someone wants to be a “hipster” or have a herd mentality, what’s it to you? You can persuade someone that X is better than Y, but at the end of the day, they have the ultimate decision. It may be due to the herd mentality, but it may also be because some people need a particular operating system due to what they need accomplished. That’s the whole reason behind the many different nuances of each operating system or distro. C’est la vie.

  10. I uses Linux no I mean Ubuntu…I think it is 14.10 ^-^ i has no clue how to use ANY of it cuz im so used to Windows :/ cant figure out how to download what and stuff… but its a cool system ^-^ i like ubuntu and windows… im 23 and has only used windows and just start using ubintu…hmmm..2 years ago? and i STILL cant figure it out LOLS… maybe..somebody can give me a little tip on how to do stuff on here? im not a cmputer genius or even close to being smart so ^-^ pleasies and thank you very much and have a nice day!

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