Should Mobile Devices Keep Seeking Higher Resolutions?


One of the best aspects of technology is that it’s constantly improving. This is just as true for mobile devices as it is for desktop machines. One thing that keeps improving is the resolution in mobile devices. But should they keep seeking higher and higher resolutions?

Some smartphones have now even gone to a 4K resolution resolution screen. The question is if that high of a resolution is even necessary. Does it really make that much of a difference for you as you check emails, follow social media, and watch YouTube videos? We’re talking four times the standard resolution of 1080p. Some experts believe that the average person can’t even see the difference.

This brings up the question of where we’re headed next. If they’re currently pushing devices with a 4K resolution, is 5K next? What about 6K, 8K, or even 10K? Is all of this necessary or does it really not mean anything, being just a tool to lead up to more sales and to make it look better to consumers?

Should mobile devices keep seeking higher resolutions?

Image Credit: Mueller/MSC via Wikimedia Commons

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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