Do You Think Mobile Phones Should Be Allowed in Classrooms?

It seems everyone has a mobile phone now, and that trickles down to schoolchildren as well. While it can be great for many reasons, it can be difficult in a classroom situation. Do you think mobile phones should be allowed in classrooms?

Technology can move very quickly at times. In the last twenty years, we have gone from mobile phones being a novelty to being something necessary. Many students, both children and teenagers, have their own mobile phones. This phenomenon crept up so quickly that it was hard for schools to establish rules for phones. While many times schools started out saying they would not be allowed in the classroom, it was hard to stop that push in technology, and mobile phones are now often overlooked in classrooms. Students can argue that they can use their phones in the classroom for research purposes, spelling help, geography maps, etc., but while they can do that, they can also be posting to Facebook, taking selfies, and Snapchatting. For parents, it can be a good thing as well, as their kids can let them know they’ll be staying late after school or that they aren’t feeling well and want to come home early. It can also lead to trouble as kids have to keep a close eye on their phones, as they can easily be stolen or damaged by another student.

How do you feel about it? Is the situation too far gone to bring about any changes? Does the positive in the situation overrule the negative? Or does this type of thing need to be stopped before it gets worse?

Do you think mobile phones should be allowed in classrooms?

Should mobile phones be allowed in classrooms?

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