Do You Think Kids (under 12) Should Carry a Smartphone? [Poll]

Smartphones have become many people’s favorite accessory. There’s no arguing their usefulness. We carry them on us at all times, but what about children? Make Tech Easier wants to know, Do you think kids (under 12) should carry a smartphone?

Smartphones come in handy whether it’s to keep up with friends via texting and social networking or whether you’re looking for directions to a meeting place. But kids don’t need directions, and they can text friends and social networks on a regular cellphone. Youngsters are also more prone to breaking phones, yet smartphones and appropriate apps can be great for keeping tabs on where the kids are via GPS. My own kids never had cell phones until they were teenagers, but they weren’t as prevalent as they are now. My 17-year-old daughter still has a “dumb phone.”

Is it necessary, though? Generations of children grew up to be healthy adults and never laid their hands on smartphones. What is your opinion? Do you think kids (under 12) should carry a smartphone? Let us know in the poll below.

Here are the results of last week’s poll:


Even though there are plenty of “new” features in iOS7, 45% of the voters feel that it is just a clone of other OSes. And another 32% of the voters are not too excited about the new iOS. Only a fifth (24%) of the voters are really excited and looking forward for the release.

What about you? Are you part of the majority who are not impressed with the new iOS7?

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