Should Internet Access Be a Basic Human Right? [Poll]

When we think of the basic human rights, we think of the right to life and freedom of speech. These are just things every person deserves no matter who they are or the conditions they live in. But what about Internet access? It was recently ruled to be a basic human right, but should it be? Should Internet access be a basic human right?

In just a few decades the Internet has become increasingly important to us. It may have started out as the information superhighway, but now it’s the way we spend our downtime, our work day, and our social life. The Internet is piped in to our computers, phones, and even our watches.

Despite Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and India opposing the move, the United Nations Human Rights Council in June passed a non-binding resolution condemning countries that intentionally take away or disrupt access to the Internet for its citizens.

If you spend most of your day on the Internet you won’t have to worry about your country taking it away from you just as they can’t deny you the freedom of speech. And perhaps this means that it will become even easier to get Internet access. Perhaps it will even be free at some point if you want to take the argument even further.

But is the Internet as important as the right to life? Is it as important as the freedom of speech? Where do you sit with this issue? Do you believe your country should not be able to take it away from you? Or do you believe that it’s okay for them to use it as a privilege?

Should Internet access be a basic human right?

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