Learn How To Shop Faster And Save Money Right From Your Android

We all have a busy schedule. What if you need go to a store to buy something a little more on the rare side and you have a very busy week? If you have an Android device, you can now shop for the items you need without physically appearing at the store. Here are a few you may know about and some you might not.

1. Weekly Ads and Sales (Update: no longer available in Play Store)

Grocery shopping is a necessary evil. You need to buy food, but it seems like I always miss the healthy stuff when it is on sale. Using the Weekly Ads and Sales app, it’s easy to take a quick look at what’s on sale before I head to the store without needing to look in the newspaper.


2. eBay for Android

eBay is a great place to grab a deal on a hard to find item. Whether you want to bid from, buy it now or just browser shop, the official eBay app for Android will fill the eBay void in your day. This app is great if you are out at a store and want to see if it is cheaper on eBay too. A penny saved…


3. Myibidder Bid Sniper for eBay

Winning a rare item on eBay can be a challenge. Lots of applications and web apps exist to help you outbid the potential winner of an eBay auction, but few Android apps are available. When you are mobile more than on your computer, Myibidder Bid Sniper can help you win auctions while you do other things in your day.


4. Amazon Shopping for Android

Amazon is a great place to find what you need. Whether it be from Amazon directly or a person selling something, Amazon has been awesome to deal with every time I have bought something through them. The mobile Amazon application makes it even easier to spend your hard earned money way too quickly.


5. Groupon for Android

Daily deal sites are now the “In” thing. Let me tell you what, seeing a great deal on a family vacation is hard to say No to, especially if you are having a rough day at the office and need to get away. Using the Groupon app for Android, you can see where there are current deals while you are out on the town. Need an oil change while you are killing time before you pick up the kids? Check your app and see what’s available.


6. LivingSocial for Android

LivingSocial has a lot of different types of deals. I have found more of what I would buy (and have bought) on Living Social. If you are an active person and like activities such as vacations, hang gliding, golf and things of that sort, get this app.


7. ShopSavvy BarCode Scanner

ShopSavvy is the deal hunter’s dream. When you are at a store, scan an item you are interested in. You will have the options to look online or at local stores for the price. There is also an option to set an alert if the price drops. Imagine how much easier it would be to birthday shop for someone if you can get a reminder when the price drops. You can WOW them with the gift and save yourself a couple of dollars in the meantime.


8. Best Buy

Best Buy has a really useful Android app. Imagine you are at a store and see a Blu-Ray player you want. Try and scan the barcode and see if Best Buy has it and what the player is priced at. If it is a lot cheaper, you can either haggle with the sales person or you can just order it and have it shipped to your house as you are leaving the other store. Smart thinkin’ Best Buy!


Final thoughts

Shopping doesn’t need to be as difficult as people make it out to be. If you have 5 minutes in a cab, you can plan your grocery list based on what the sales are this week. Or even make bids on all of the items you need to complete that rare (and kinda strange) tea cup collection your friends teas you about.

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