Share a Specific Part of a YouTube Video with These Methods


Sharing YouTube videos is a great way to let your friends join the fun. However, do you always want to share the whole video? Maybe you just want to share that interesting 35-second moment from that 16 minute video, or you may want to skip the boring introduction of the video before sharing it.

If you just want to share a specific part of a YouTube video, you can easily do it right from the YouTube interface. There are also some third-party apps that will let you gain full control over video sharing. Below there are three different methods to sharing a specific part of a YouTube video.

Note: although the video will be shared from your defined time, the user can also choose to watch the full YouTube video if they want.

1. Copy Video URL

YouTube lets you copy a video URL for any specific time, so you can share the video from that particular time. Play the video that you would like to share and pause it at the point from where you would like to share it. Now right click anywhere on the video, and select “Copy video URL at current time” from the menu.


The video URL from that time will be copied to your PC’s clipboard. Now just paste it anywhere you can enter text, such as email, Facebook, comments, documents and any other editable place.

2. Edit Video While Sharing

You can also edit the video time while sharing if you don’t want to use the above method. Click on the “Share” button below the video, and you will see a “Start at” button below the video URL. Check the checkbox next to it, and enter your desired time in the text field next to “Start at.”


By default, the time at which the video is paused will be automatically suggested. If you have paused at the right time, there is no need to enter time manually. Now share the video using the options provided by YouTube, or copy the provided link and paste it anywhere you like.

Share-YouTube-Video-share video

3. Take Full Control of Video Sharing with Vibby

The above methods are easy and quick, but they still don’t offer as much control over video sharing as you may desire. If that’s the case, then you might like to try out a third-party service like Vibby.

Vibby is a video-sharing website similar to YouTube, but instead of sharing your own videos, you can share specific parts from videos on YouTube. Similar to YouTube, you have a dedicated dashboard where all your shared videos will be saved, and they are called Vibs.

As quoted by Ari Cohen, the CEO and Co-Founder of Vibby:

Our vision is to build a platform that enables people to share and discuss the moments that matter from any video.

To get started, click on the “Try now, it’s free” button and enter the URL of the YouTube video that you would like to highlight. You need to be logged in to continue creating your Vib; either create an account with Vibby using your email address or log in using Facebook or your Google+ account.



When you click “Start” your video will play in Vibby player, and  you can use the “Start highlight” button to start specifying video parts that you would like to share. Click on the “Stop highlight” button when you are done highlighting. You can keep repeating the process to highlight different areas of the video (if you want). Furthermore, you can also comment on each highlighted portion. When you are done, click on “Next.”


On the next page, give your vib a name and category, then click on “Save” to publish it on Vibby. If you don’t want to publish it on Vibby, then select the “Make this vib private” button before hitting “Save.” A private vib can only be seen by people who have a link to it.


You will get a dedicated link on the next page that you can share with other people to let them watch the vib you just created. The vib plays seamlessly and users have an option to watch the full video as well. All the created vibs will be saved in your personal dashboard.


Note: the viewer will watch the vib on the Vibby website, not on YouTube. They don’t need a Vibby account to watch videos on Vibby.

According to Ari, Vibby is completely free to use as of now forever, though new premium features will be added to the website soon. It will also soon support other video sharing platforms like Vimeo, Twitch, Facebook Videos and some others.


Above are some handy ways to share specific parts of YouTube videos. In most cases the first two methods are more than enough, but if you want more control, you should try Vibby. Do let us know in the comments how and why you share specific parts of YouTube videos.

Image credit: YouTube website screenshot

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