Use Deskhop to Share Your Screen with a Facebook Friend

Have you ever wanted or needed to share your computer screen with a friend, or vice versa? If so, there’s a new Facebook app that makes it easy for Windows and Mac OS X (10.6+) users to do so.

Sure there are plenty of third-party computer applications, extensions and utilities that can do the same thing, but Deskhop is quick and works with your Facebook account.

1. To get started, go to the Deskhop app page on Facebook and click on the “Go to App” button. You will need to agree to their Privacy Policy and EULA, and opt-in to occasional emails from then before clicking on the green “Start deskhopping” button. Your friend will have to do this as well, if they haven’t already used the app before.

2. Choose a friend by browsing through your friends list or searching for a specific friend; you may be able to see if the person is online or not – if they’re not invisible or have chat turned off.

For obvious reasons, this app will work best with a friend who is online.

Select or search for friends to share your desktop with on Facebook.

3. Next you’ll need to decide whether you want to share your screen or see your friend’s screen. In either case, you both will get to share control of the computer. Your friend will get a Facebook request from you, which they’ll need to accept and grant you access to their screen (if you’ve chosen to see theirs).

Choose to share your screen or view your friend's screen.

4. You’ll both be prompted to download the temporary Deskhop program to your computer. This lets your computers automatically and securely connect to each other.

When you’re done using the program, it will be automatically deleted from your computer. This means that each time you share your screen or view a friend’s screen, you’ll need to download it again.

5. Once you open the program on your computer and you will see a window letting you know that it’s waiting on your friend to open the program on their computer.

Deskhop wait's for your friend to open the program on their computer.

Deskhop connects immediately and your friend will now be able to see your screen, or you should see their screen (depending on which option you chose). You can now control each other’s screens as needed by clicking within the preview window.

Either of you can disconnect at any time. Once the program is closed, it will also be automatically removed from your computer.

Screen sharing can come in handy for many things like helping a friend with their computer, collaborating on a project, updating a client on work progress, and more. Since most people are already on Facebook, Deskhop takes advantage of this and makes it super easy for anyone share their screen. It’s great for beginners as well as advanced users. Do you plan on giving Deskhop a try?