How to Share Screen on Discord on Mobile and PC

Discord Screen Share Mobile Pc

Screen sharing is an important functionality available in popular group messaging apps. You can share a presentation, stream games, watch videos together, and do much more when sharing a screen. If you are new to Discord and wondering how to share a screen on it, you have arrived at the correct place.

How to Share a Screen in Discord on PC

You can share the screen on Discord in a voice channel or in private DMs.

Share Screen in Discord Voice Channel

  1. Join the voice channel in a server where you want to share the screen. Please note screen-sharing functionality isn’t available in text channels.
  2. Click on the “Screen” button to start sharing the screen.
Discord Screen Share Pc Start
  1. You will get two options on the Screen Share window: Applications, which lists all the open apps on your computer, and Screens, which shows the available screens. Click on an app window under the “Applications” tab to share that particular app screen only. Anything outside of that app window will not be shared. If, however, you want to share your entire screen, choose the desired screen from the “Screens” tab.
Discord Screen Share Pc Select Window

Tip: if the desired game doesn’t show up under the Applications tab, head to “Discord Settings → Activity Status” and click on “Add it.” Select the required game from the list, and if the game detection doesn’t recognize it, Discord cannot stream that game.

  1. After you select a window, you can customize the stream quality with the option to choose resolution and frame rate. The default streaming rates for all users are set to 720p/30fps. Nitro Classic users can stream up to 1080p/60fps, and Nitro subscribers can even go up to 4k/60fps.
Discord Screen Share Pc Stream Quality
  1. You can change your previous choices by selecting a different streaming channel or streaming app from this screen. Click on the “Go Live” button.

That’s it. Discord will start streaming the selected window or screen.

Share Screen in Voice or Video Call in DM

  1. Start a Voice or Video call with a user in Direct Messages.
  2. Once connected, click on the “Share your screen” button.
Discord Screen Share Pc Video Call
  1. Select the application window or the screen that you want to share just as you would in a voice channel. Choose the streaming quality as well, then click on the “Go Live” button.
Discord Screen Share Pc Video Call Quality

Tip: find out how to send videos on Discord.

How to Screen Share on Discord on Android, iPhone, and iPad

Before we jump to the steps, please note the following things:

  • You can screenshare from both Android and iOS.
  • Screen-sharing functionality isn’t available on Xiaomi devices running MIUI OS.
  • Screen sharing is supported on Android 5 and above; however, audio sharing is only available on Android 10 and above.
  • Certain apps – like Netflix, Spotify, etc. – do not support screen share. You will see a black screen while sharing them.
  • Screen-sharing on mobile shows the entire screen, including any new notifications. Turn off notifications or enable “Do not disturb” mode if you don’t want others to see your notifications. Also, do not open any screen containing personal information.

Share Screen in Voice Channel

  1. Launch the Discord mobile app and open the voice channel where you want to share the screen.
  2. Tap on “Join Voice” to join the channel.
Discord Screen Share Mobile Join Voice
  1. Tap the “Share screen” button present in the bottom panel, and a confirmation screen will show up. Tap on “Start Now” if you’re on Android and “Start Broadcast” if you’re on an iPhone.
Discord Screen Share Mobile Start
  1. Minimize the Discord app. Anything that appears on your screen will be visible to others. Open the app or game that you want to share.
Discord Screen Share Mobile Show Apps

Share Screen in DM

Similarly, to share the screen in DMs, create a voice or video call with the other person. Tap on the “Share screen” button in the bottom toolbar. If you don’t see the bottom toolbar, swipe up from the bottom and press the Share screen button. Minimize the screen to share whatever is on the screen.

Discord Screen Share Mobile Video Call

How to Manage Screen Sharing

How to Screen Share on Discord with Sound

On PC, open the app with audio that you want to share in Discord, then select an application window (instead of a screen) when you are asked to select something you want to share, as audio sharing is available only while sharing an application window. To be on the safe side, increase the device volume so that others can hear what’s playing on your device.

Discord Screen Share Pc Select Window

Audio sharing is also available on the Windows desktop app, macOS, the Chrome browser, and Discord mobile apps. Other browsers and operating systems, such as Linux, do not support audio sharing.

Tip: if screen sharing or audio isn’t working, use the app or game in a minimized window instead of full-screen mode.

On mobile apps, by default, any audio that you play on your phone will be shared along with the screen. However, you will need to enable Microphone separately if you want to speak as well on an iPhone.

For that, open the Control Center on your iPhone or iPad. Look for the “Screen recording” button. Touch and hold it. The Screen recording screen will appear. Tap on the “Microphone” button to enable it.

Discord Screen Share Iphone Enable Microphone

How to Enable Your Video While Streaming

You can share the screen with your video enabled. To do so, click on the Camera’ icon in the bottom bar. Click on the small arrow on the Camera icon to select a different camera if you have multiple cameras.

Discord Screen Share Pc Enable Camera

Similarly on mobile, tap on the Video icon at the bottom to enable your video while you are sharing the screen.

Discord Screen Share Mobile Enable Camera

How to Change the Window or Stream Quality While Streaming

If you want to change the screen you are sharing after starting a stream, you don’t need to start from scratch. Click on the arrow on the Screen Share button to go to the Streaming menu. Select “Stream Quality” to change the quality and, similarly, select “Change Windows” to choose a different window or screen.

Discord Screen Share Pc Change Streaming Window

How to Mute or Unmute the Microphone While Sharing the ‘Screen

Click on the Microphone button to mute yourself. When muted, you will see a red slash on the button. Click on it again to unmute yourself.

Discord Screen Share Pc Mute

Press the arrow on the Microphone button to choose between input and output devices. Also, make sure “Voice activity” is selected under “Input mode” for continuous audio input. If “Push to Talk” is enabled, you will have to press a button whenever you want your voice heard while streaming.

How to Change the Layout While Streaming

While streaming on PC, click on the Layout icon at the top to switch between Focus and Grid layouts. The Focus mode focuses on one screen by making it larger, whereas the Grid view makes all screens the same size.

Discord Screen Share Pc Layout

How to See Who Is Watching

Press the yellow spectator’s icon at the bottom-left corner to see the viewers on PC.

Discord Screen Share Pc Viewers

How to Stop Screen Sharing

Click on the “Screen Share” button to stop the stream. Please note this will not disconnect the call completely. For that, click on the red Disconnect button instead.

Discord Screen Share Pc Stop Streaming

To stop sharing on Discord mobile apps, open the Discord app and press the “Stop sharing” button.

Discord Screen Share Mobile Stop

Bonus Tips for Screen Sharing on PC

  • To put the focus on any screen, click on its preview window.
  • Click on the Full Screen icon at the bottom to use the screen sharing window in full-screen mode.
  • Press the Pin icon to put the Discord window on top of other app windows.
  • Enable Streamer Mode by going to “Discord Settings → Streamer Mode.” This will protect your privacy by hiding sensitive information on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you know someone is streaming?

Look for the “Go live” icon next to the streamer’s name within the voice channel.

2. How many users can stream at a time?

Earlier, 10 people could stream at a time, but Discord has temporarily increased the limit to 50 people.

3. Do you need screenshare permissions?

If you are a channel member, you need to have permission to share the screen. Admins can limit screen-sharing functionality to specific roles or in specific channels. If you are an admin, go to “Server settings → Roles.” Look for “Video permissions.” Enable or disable it to allow users with that role to share the screen. Similarly, go to “Edit Channel settings → Permissions” and enable or disable the “Video permissions” setting.

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