How to Share Reminders in OS X

Apple introduced a few of its iOS applications in OS X back when it released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. One of the apps was Reminders, which can be used for setting up and organizing to-do lists. Reminders used to be a part of Apple’s iCal feature, but was then migrated to a separate app, which not only makes sharing reminders among different devices easy, but also offers a platform for sharing reminders between different iClound users.

While some people may prefer using standard Calendar events, Reminders can be a good alternative as they are maintained in relevant lists, and do not require a section of time for the event to take place. And additionally, Reminders also offer a notice in which the reminder will turn red when its due date has expired. Reminders can also be shared amongst other people, which is really beneficial for group events.

Now, you should know that you can’t really share individual reminders with people, but you can easily set up a shared list that will automatically sync among people’s iCloud accounts. To set up a shared Reminder list, simply follow the steps outlined below:

1. Open Reminders, either by Spotlight, or by navigating to “Applications -> Reminders.”


2. Select the list that you want to share, or create a new one, using the “Plus” icon as shown below:


3. Once you have your list, simply hover your mouse to the right of the list’s name, and a small Sharing icon will appear.


4. Click on the icon, and add a contact’s name or email.


5. Click on “Done”, and wait for the reminders to sync.

On the other end, the person whose email you added will get an email with a link to iCloud. They will also be required to create an Apple ID and an iCloud account, if they don’t have one. Additionally, if they have multiple devices linked to their iCloud account, then the reminders will automatically be synchronized with all of them. Handy, right?


Note: While the Reminders app in OS X Mountain Lion & Mavericks makes this really easy to set up within OS X, if you have a prior version of OS X, then you will need to use the iCloud Web interface or an iOS device to set up the shared list.

Shujaa Imran
Shujaa Imran

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