How to Share Your Instagram Stories with Only Close Friends

When you send something to your close friends, you have a tendency to be yourself. You may post goofier pictures that you wouldn’t usually publish for all your Instagram followers; after all, you do have a reputation to maintain.

Thanks to an Instagram feature that allows you to send your stories to only your close friends, you can really be yourself. Instagram announced this feature on November 30th, so if you don’t see it yet, keep calm, it’s coming.

How to Create an Instagram Close Friends List

Before you go ahead and share your stories with close friends, make sure that your real close friends are actually on the list. To add someone to your close friends list, tap on the hamburger icon at the top right.


The “Close Friends” option will be the third one down, and after selecting it, you can manually search for them. Instagram will also suggest the people you may want to add to the list, but it’s up to you who you add.

If you ever want to edit your Close Friends list, another way you can access the list is by tapping on the green Close Friends list at the top right of your story. Tap on the “Edit Your Close Friends List” to make your edits.


Instagram will show you the users you frequently interact with and suggest them as close friends. Tap on the green “Add” button, and that close friend will be added immediately.

When you add a close friend, the other person will not receive a notification letting them know they have been added to the list. They’ll be able to know they are on your Close Friend’s list because the posts you share with that group will have a green ring around them.


Once you’re done adding your close friends, they will be listed on your Close Friends list. To the side of that friend you will see a green Remove button. If you ever decide to eliminate that friend, that’s the button you need to press.

How to Share Instagram Stories Only with Close Friends

When it comes to creating your Instagram story, you will create it like you usually would. Once you’re done, it’s time to share it. There are two ways you can access the Close Friends option. The easiest way is by tapping on the green Close Friends circle at the bottom.


If for some reason you want to use the long way, tap on the “Send to” button and the Close Friends option. It’s right under the “Your Story” option.


If you don’t see the Close Friends option, make sure that you are using the most recent version of Instagram. Even if your apps usually update automatically, it’s still a good idea to see if you have any updates pending.


Sometimes there are things that only your close friends should see. Thanks to the Close Friends option, you will only need to press one button to send those weird or funny Instagram Stories to friends that will still hopefully be your friends after seeing them.

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