How To Share Files In VirtualBox With Vista Guest And Ubuntu Host

For some of you who have setup Windows Vista as the guest VM in your Ubuntu Virtualbox, you might have some difficulties in getting the Vista guest to access the shared folder in your Ubuntu host. If you are having this problem, here is the way to mount the shared folder on your Vista guest.

First of all, make sure you have already installed both VirtualBox and Windows Vista guest. If you have not, here is the complete installation guide.

Secondly, make sure you have updated your VirtualBox to the latest version (2.0.4). There are some issues in the earlier version which will cause the mounting to fail.

In your Ubuntu machine, open up Virtualbox (Applications -> System Tools -> virtualBox).

Highlight the Vista VM entry (make sure that it is in Powered off state) and click on the Settings icon at the top.

Virtualbox Vista Settings

On the left, click on the Network. On the right, make sure that the Enable Network Adaptor and Cable Connected are checked.

Virtualbox Network setting

On the left, click on the Shared Folders. Then, click on the virtualbox add share folder icon on the far right.

Select the folder that you want to use as a share point. Give it a name.

Virtualbox add share path
Virtualbox share folder

Click OK to close the Settings window.

Boot up your Vista VM.

Install the guest addition. (Skip this step if you have already done so)


Restart the Vista VM.

Open your Windows Explorer, click on the Map Network Drive


In the Folder input text, enter


where sharename is the name of the share folder that you add just now. Make sure that the Reconnect at logon is checked. Click Finish


You should now see the shared folder mounted as a network drive.


That’s it.


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