Share And Receive Large Confidential Files With TitanFiles

Have you ever wanted to share a large and confidential file with your colleagues or clients but can’t find the appropriate tools to do it? While there are plenty of online services that allow you to send/receive large files, the main concern is still the security issue.

TitanFile is one file sharing service built with security in mind. It is an online hub where you can upload files and share them with your clients and also allows your clients to share files with you. All the files are encrypted and stored in the TitanFile server so you can access it anywhere with an Internet connection.

To get started, sign up for an account with TitanFile. The basic account is free and allows you upload and share up to 3 files of 500MB.

Once you are logged in, the dashboard will show your recent activity. It will be blank if you are logged in for the first time.

Sharing Files

To share a file, first go to the Files tab to upload your files. During the uploading process, you can define the expiry date of the file. After the expiry date, the link that you sent to your friends/clients will not work anymore.


Once you have uploaded the file, you can check the box beside the file, select the “Share” option for the Action dropdown and click “Share selected”. You can then enter the name and email address of the person that you wish to share the file with. One extra protection you can add to the sharing is the telephone verification and/or password verification. When enabled, the other party will need to enter the password to access the file.


Receiving Files

Other than sharing files with others, you will also be given a sub-domain URL where you can share with others. People can then visit the site and drop file to your account.


Adding Members

Another feature of TitanFile is that you can add members to your account (for premium account only). This is best suited if you have several people working on a project.

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