How to Share a 3G Wireless Connection in Windows 7

There will be times when you need to access Internet on multiple computers, but there is only one Internet access point available. What should you do? There is one solution: create a WIFI hotspot so you can share the Internet connection among multiple computers, or with your friends. Previously, we have covered how to create a wifi hotspot for Mac. In this article, we are going to show you how to share your 3G wireless connection in Windows 7.

1. Connect to your 3G network.

2. Go to Network and Sharing Center (Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center)

3. Click on the 3G connection. In my case, the network name is Singtel.

3g-sharing first step

4. Click Properties at the bottom.

3g-sharing-properties setting

5. Go to Sharing tab. Check the box “Allow others network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”. In the dropdown box, select “Wireless Network Connection“. Once done, click the Settings button.


6. Check the last box “Web Server (HTTP)”. This will allow other computer to access Internet via this connection.


Click OK to return to the Network and Sharing center.

7. Next,  click on the “Set up a new connection or network


8. Scroll down until you find the option “Set up a wireless ad hoc network”. Select it.


9. Give this network a name and a password. Click Next.


10. On the next screen, click “Turn on Internet Connection sharing”.

3g-sharing turn on internet connection sharing

That’s it. You can now connect to this computer and access the Internet from other computers.

Is there any easier method?

If you find that the above method is too difficult for you, then Connectify can make your life much easier.

Connectify is a free (as of now) software that enables you to create a WIFI hotspot with a snap. It is easy to use and there is only minimal configuration required.

1. Download and install Connectify.

2. Run Connectify.

3. Click the Connectify icon at the system tray.

4. Give the network a name and a password. Under the Internet dropdown box, select your 3G connection (it works for wireless connection and LAN connection as well).


Once you are done, simply click the Start Hotspot button at the bottom. You will be able to connect to this computer and access the Internet now.

Image credit: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

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  1. I have connectify, an HP with Windows 7 and a Hauwei 3g modem. I am trying to connect my ps3 to the wifi hotspot I have created but can't seem to get it right. What am I doing wrong? Is there something else I should be doing to ensure the PS3 can access the laptops internet?

  2. Other than your PS3, have you got any other mobile devices to connect to the hotspot? The recent update of Connectify breaks my hotspot connection too, so it could be that you have the latest version installed too.

    1. It is possible to share a VPN connection, but for this software, I have not tested it with a VPN, so I don’t have a good answer for you.

  3. super cool guide thanks a million! neva seen such a detailed guide. my inet works super cool. Thanks a lot.

  4. Thanks for this! After failing with connectify and virtual router (neither of which worked with a 3G connection although both of them allowed me to connect my iPod), your simple solution worked like a charm… first time without any tweaks or software downloads.

  5. I dont have the same options available on my laptop. I only have the general tab in step 5. how to enable this?

  6. It works! Thank you so much for making this guide!
    Now we surf with one 3G stick!
    Win7 surprises me with its simplicity after all..

  7. hey i tried the first method……… but its not working i cannot connect my iPhone to the network made…… its showing the wifi connection in the list of wifi on the phone….. but when i connect it says “unable to join the network”
    also on screen 10 shown above…….. i dont have an option to “turn on internet connection sharing”

    1. Are you using Windows Home version? The Internet sharing feature is not supported in that version.

  8. I can’t connect my Ps3. When i try to connect it. it’s says “fail”. It’s working perfect on my IPhone, but my Ps3 It’s not. Way ?

  9. Hi! thank you for your instruction as it was a great help! i was able to make it work on my toshiba laptop. I did the same steps for my lenovo laptop but it failed. i did the same settings and everything but for my hotspot connection it says no internet access. I can connect to the hotspot through my Itouch and they showed full signal but i cant surf the net with my itouch. how do i go about doing that? Thankyou so much for your time.

      1. Hey i can’t find the “Set up a ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network”. What i have to do to make it work?

  10. Excellent work.  If the USB 3G Modem is first connected to a Windows 7 desktop (instead of a wifi laptop) ,  what needed to be done to share the 3G internet ?  Many Thanks

  11. hi
    it works 100% with win7 to win7 but why cant we surf with winxp, it connects but does open any site.


  12. The sharing option does not come up, i am using windows vista ultimate. Can anyone help me out.

  13. some computers do not allow ics im running windows 7 starter and it doesnt allow on there, but this post is correct u can use connectify-me im using it to connect my ps3 to the internet through my mobile broadband and it works a treat i play cod mw3 and bf 3…..

  14. The Wireless Network Connection does not show up in the dropdown list of networks when I try to share my 3G connection. What should I do now??

  15. Ok I was able to get the Wireless Network Connection in the dropdown list and I followed the instructions here exactly using 2 windows 7 laptops, but I am still not able to share internet. the computers are networked together in an adhoc, but just says “No internet access”. Sooooo frustrating!!!

  16. hey when i connect through connectify the internet is shared but then after closing the hotspot the internet browser on my laptop does’nt work

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