How to Set Up Your Ring Indoor Camera

Setup Ring Camera Motion Detecting Pet Monitor

If you have the need to monitor your house remotely when you are not around, making use of an indoor camera is a good option. The Ring camera is a popular camera that you can use to monitor your house or anyone within. Here we will show you how to set up your Ring camera. We’ll also set up motion alerts so you’ll get a heads-up if your kids or pet are getting into mischief. Since Ring cameras all have two-way talk, you’ll even be able to scold your kids remotely – no guarantee they’ll actually listen to you, though!

Note: in this article we are using the Ring camera as a pet-monitoring camera.

Register your Ring camera

If your indoor camera is a new purchase, you’ll need to register it with your Ring application:

1. Launch the Ring mobile app.

2. In the upper-right corner, tap the hamburger icon.

3. Select “Set Up A Device.”

4. Select “Security Cams.”

In the Ring application, tap "Security Cams."

5. You can now scan the QR code or MAC ID that’s printed on your Ring indoor camera. If you’re struggling to find this code, refer to the documentation that came with your camera.

6. Once the Ring application has recognized your indoor camera, your smartphone or tablet will request access to your location. If you don’t permit Ring to access your location, you’ll need to type your address manually. Alternatively, if you’ve previously granted Ring location permissions, you’ll be asked to choose a location from a list.

7. You can now give this camera a unique name which will represent this camera in your Ring application.

8. You’ll need to put your indoor camera into setup mode. This process will vary depending on your device but typically involves pressing and holding a button on your Ring device.

9. In the Ring application, tap the “Continue” button.

10. Ring will now ask you to join the Ring Wi-Fi network; tap “Join.” You should now see a list of available networks. Select the Wi-Fi network where you want to install your indoor camera.

11. Enter your Wi-Fi password and tap “Continue.”

12. At this point, your camera may need to update. If the light on the front of your Ring camera flashes blue, you’ll need to wait for it to finish flashing.

13. Once the light stops flashing, tap “Continue” in the Ring application. Your indoor camera is now ready to use.

Install your indoor security camera

You’ll need to position your security camera. The Ring indoor camera is designed to be moved around your home, so it’s easy to install. Often you’ll simply need to position your camera on a shelf or countertop in the area that you want to monitor.

Where you place the camera will depend on what you want to monitor. If you’re curious what your nocturnal pet is up to at night, you can set up a camera opposite their enclosure. Alternatively, if you wanted to check that your cat isn’t climbing all over the kitchen counters, then it probably makes sense to set up a camera in your kitchen.

You should also ensure that the camera is out of your pet’s reach. Some pets are notorious for nibbling cables, so you may need to take precautions to protect the camera’s cable, adapter, and your pet!

Once your camera is set up, attach the power cord and plug the adapter into a power outlet.

Start monitoring

Now that your camera is set up, you can monitor your pet using the Ring app:

1. Launch the Ring application on your phone.

2. Tap the hamburger icon in the upper-left corner and then select “Dashboard.”

3. Find your Ring camera, then tap it to see the live view of the camera.

Navigate to the Ring dashboard, and select the device you're using as your pet cam.

4. To activate Ring’s two-way talk feature, tap either the “Microphone” or “Call” icon. You can end the call by tapping the “Mute / End call” button.

How to create motion zones

Once you’ve set up your Ring camera, you may want to create motion zones. These zones can be particularly useful if certain areas of your home are strictly off limits.

By combining motion zones and notifications, you’ll get a head-up if your pet sets foot in an area that’s strictly humans only.

Ring can send you push notifications on your smartphone or tablet.

To create one or more motion zones:

1. In the Ring application, tap your camera. You should now be viewing the live feed.

2. In the upper-right corner, tap the “cog” icon.

Launch the live feed from your pet cam, and tap the cog icon in the upper-right corner.

3. Select “Motion Settings -> Motion Zones.”

4. Tap “Add a motion zone.”

5. A colored box should now appear onscreen. Drag the corners of this colored box until it covers the area you want to monitor.

6. To make this motion zone live, tap “Active.”

7. To add subsequent motion zones, tap “Add another motion zone,” and then rinse and repeat.

To receive a notification when Ring detects motion within any of your zones, push the “Motion Notifications” slider into the “On” position.

You can enable and disable motion notifications, by tapping the "Motion Notifications" slider.

You’ll receive a notification every time movement is detected within any of your motion zones. You can then drop in on the live feed by tapping the notification.

Ring Protect Plan

If you’ve purchased a Ring Protect plan, Ring will store all your recordings for 30 days, even if you disable notifications.

If you previously enabled notifications, you’ll need to disable them:

1. Launch the Ring application.

2. Tap the camera that you’re using as your pet monitor.

3. Select the “cog” icon.

4. Push the “Motion Notifications” slider into the “Off” position.

Now you won’t receive any push notifications, but the associated recordings will still be accessible via the Ring application. Launch your application, tap the hamburger icon, and then select “History.”

To view all your motion alerts, tap the little “Motion” icon.

You can view all of your clips, inside the Ring app.

You can now play any recording in the list by giving it a tap.

As you can see, it is easy to set up your Ring indoor camera. Alternatively, if you are working from home and are in need of a webcam for a meeting, you can turn your Wzye security camera into a webcam by following these instructions.

Jessica Thornsby
Jessica Thornsby

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