How to Setup Parental Controls in Kodi

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If your family loves movies, games, and other forms of media, then chances are you are a huge fan of Kodi, one of the most popular open source software media players. With Kodi, you can import your own media, save media from other third-party sources, or download add-ons that let you stream specific content on nearly any device in your household. However, you may not feel like everything you download to your Kodi player is suitable for your children. This guide walks you through the process of setting up parental controls or other security measures in Kodi.

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How to Set Parental Controls in Kodi

One of the benefits of an open source software like Kodi is the flexibility with the program’s settings. Kodi's parental controls are one of these features. Although the Kodi parental controls menu is a bit difficult to find, you can do several things once you set it up.

Turning on a Master Lock

If you want to keep your children away from unsuitable media anywhere within Kodi, you can set up a master lock, which requires users to enter a password or PIN. You can set it to open the app or perform specific tasks by following these steps:

  1. Open the Kodi app.
  2. Click on Settings (the gears at the top-left of the screen).
  1. Once the System menu opens, select "Interface Settings."
Kodi Parental Controls System Menu Interface Settings
  1. Scroll to the bottom and click the gear until it says "Expert."
Kodi Parental Controls Expert Mode
  1. Scroll back up and click on "Master lock," then click "Master lock code and settings."
  1. When the "Lock preferences" menu opens, click "Master lock" to enable the feature.
Family Friendly Kodi Enable Master Lock
  1. From here, you can choose whether you want a numeric password, gamepad button combo, or full-text password.
Kodi Parental Controls Master Lock Options
  1. Enter and re-enter the chosen password.
  1. Once you set the "Master lock", you can scroll down the menu and toggle on or off whichever features you’d like to password lock.

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Turning on Parental Controls for PVR and Live TV

In addition to locking your children out of specific Kodi functions, you can also restrict which channels they can access within the Live TV feature. To do this, carry out the following steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click "PVR and Live TV Settings."
Kodi Parental Controls System Menu
  1. Select "Parental controls" and toggle the Enabled setting to on.
Kodi Parental Controls 1
  1. Create a PIN when prompted.
Family Friendly Kodi Enter A Password
  1. Once you choose a PIN, you can change how long a locked channel can be open before it requires users to re-enter the PIN.
  2. Now that parental controls are enabled, you can go to "General -> Channel Manager" to choose which channels will be restricted.
Kodi Parental Controls Channel Manager

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Making a Child's Profile

Parental controls are great, but you may need to restrict your child’s access even more. If so, you can set up a completely different profile by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to "Settings -> Profile Settings."
  2. Under General, select “Show login screen on startup" and toggle it on.
Family Friendly Kodi Show Login Screens
  1. Once that's enabled, you can move down on the same screen to Profiles and click "Add Profile."
Family Friendly Kodi Add New Profile
  1. Enter a name for the new account (like “kids”).
  1. When you set up the profile, Kodi will ask you to choose a profile folder for this new profile, but it's okay to just click "OK" to accept the predefined one.
Family Friendly Kodi Set Profile Folder
  1. To edit the profile you just created, in the "Edit profile" dialogue, double-check that both “Media info” and “Media sources” are set as "Separate." This will help you ensure that your children don't have access to any adult content you have saved for your main profile.
Family Friendly Kodi Separate Media Sources
  1. You can leave any other settings in this section as they are unless you want to add a picture or additional security within the lock preferences.

Adding Content to a Child's Profile

Once you have created a profile for your children, you can select which media you want them to have access to.

  1. Open Kodi and choose the new profile.
  2. Move to the movies section and click on “Add videos.”
  3. In the “Add video source” dialogue, click on "Browse," then select the folder with all the child-friendly movies.
Family Friendly Kodi Add Some Videos
  1. Once you select the folder with your media in it, Kodi will ask you to label the type of media. Click on “This directory contains” and change it to “Movies.”
Family Friendly Kodi Select Content Type
  1. Kodi automatically fills in the rest for you once you select the media type. However, you can also make adjustments if needed. Once you're finished, hit "OK."
Family Friendly Kodi Content Type Options Dialogue
  1. Once you return to the main interface, your new content will appear.

If you added separate folders for episodic content, repeat the procedure for them but change the content type to “TV shows.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my kids download content on Kodi if I've enabled parental controls?

If you've set up a master lock, then only users who know the password can add additional content or download add-ons to your Kodi system.

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2. How can I separate movies and television shows so that my kids don't have access to all of my Kodi content?

When you save your downloaded content for your Kodi player, you'll need to maintain separate folders for different content. Doing this will allow you to follow the steps mentioned above regarding separate profiles and adding content to each.

3. Can my child bypass the Kodi master lock?

Unfortunately, if your child is tech-savvy enough to understand basic coding, there is a way to bypass the master lock. You will need to decide whether you're child is tech-savvy enough to figure that out on their own.

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