What is a Facebook Watch Party and How to Set It Up

Watching videos that interest you is fun, but it’s even better when you can watch them with friends. Facebook knows this, and that’s why it added the Watch Party feature, so friends have another reason to get together.

You can finally have a digital someone with you so you can both (or others as well) talk about the same video. There is no need to install an extra app to use it, as it’s sitting right there in your Facebook app.

What Is Facebook Watch Party

A Facebook Watch Party is when you can digitally get together with your friends to watch the same video. While watching the video, you and your friends can do things such as react and comment in real-time.


Keep in mind that you can only use the Watch Party feature if you’re already in a group. You can also assign some authority in the Watch Party by having a co-host who can also add videos. Watch Parties also include crowdsourcing; that way other participants can suggest videos.

How to Create a Facebook Watch Party

To create a Facebook Watch party,  tap on the hamburger icon at the top-right and choose the “Groups” option.


Choose a group and click on “Watch Party” at the top. Create a new post as you usually would, and at the bottom you should see the option that says “Watch Party” with a popcorn icon on the side.


You’ll need to give your watch party a name, and once you’re done with that, it’s time to add videos. To add a video, click on the “Add video” button at the bottom and start adding videos to the queue by tapping on the video.


In the Watched tab, for example, you’ll see the videos you’ve viewed or uploaded. Click the “Play now” button to show your friends that video instantly. Don’t worry if at first you can’t click on the “Play next” and “Add to queue” button. You can click on them after playing the first video.


When you’ve added the videos, it’s time to invite your friends by clicking on the “Invite” button. It’s as simple as clicking on the blue invite button for the friends you want to add. After that, your friends can comment and react to the video.

Until your friends join the Watch Party, you’ll continue to see the video. If you want to add another video to the queue, you don’t have to wait until the video is over – you can do it at any time.

To add another video, click on the blue “Add video” button and select the video. You can choose from options that will let you play the video instantly, play next or add to the queue.


How to End a Facebook Watch Party

Ending a Facebook watch party is as easy as starting one. When you’re in the area where you add video,s tap on the three vertical dots to the right of your Watch Party’s name. The “End Watch Party” option will appear at the bottom and will be in red.



The next time you don’t feel like watching videos alone, you have Watch Party as a group video-watching option. When do you think you’ll be hosting your first Facebook Watch Party?

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