How to Set Up Your Android Phone for an Emergency

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Having your emergency contact information on your Android device could end up saving your life one day. By having valuable information such as medical info on your phone, paramedics can know what you’re allergic to and act accordingly.

You don’t need to install a third-party app to have this information on your phone. By knowing where to go on your phone, you can have this life-saving information handy.

How to Access Emergency Information in Android

You might ignore the “About Phone” section on your phone. You might think that it is only going to tell you things such as the Android version, phone model, etc. But, being able to add relevant information such as blood type and allergies? Not necessarily.

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Go to “Settings -> About Phone -> Emergency information,” or try “Settings -> Users & accounts -> Emergency information.”

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There will be various fields for you to fill out to help first responders. You can fill out areas such as name, address, blood type, allergies, medications, organ donor, and medical notes.

Some fields will require that you type in the information, while others will have options for you to choose. For example, the organ donor field will show you a window where there will be options such as yes, no, or unknown.

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The Contacts tab allows you to add emergency contacts. Tap it, followed by the “Add Contact” option and add the needed information. If down the road you need to update your emergency contact information, tap the three dots at the top right to clear the current ones.

How to Get Emergency Alerts on Your Android Device

Your Android device has a great feature that warns you of an emergency. To set up the kinds of alerts you want to receive, head over to “Settings -> Apps & notifications,” and swipe down to “Emergency broadcasts.”

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Toggle on the type of alerts you want to get and turn off the ones you’re not interested in. Don’t worry about raising the volume for broadcast since Android will do it automatically.

How to Turn on Lockdown Security Feature

Things can get a little crazy during an emergency. Someone may try to use your phone without your permission and therefore gain access to your personal information.

The lockdown feature is not on by default, so you will need to go into your phone’s settings to turn it on.

Emergency Lockdown

To turn on Lockdown, go to “Settings -> Security & location -> Lock screen Preferences -> Enable Show lockdown.” You’ll be able to see Lockdown mode by pressing and holding the power button.

What the lockdown feature does is that it will disable sign-in options such as facial recognition, fingerprint sensors, and voice recognition.


It’s a good idea to have your Android device all set up in case of an emergency, since you never know when an emergency will happen. It only takes a few minutes to set it up but can save you from a massive headache down the road. Have you set up your Android device for an emergency?

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  1. If you lock down your phone, how will first responders get at your emergency information?

  2. I have the same question. I’m required to use a lock screen too so putting in emergency information is useless in an emergency. Thanks for the article though. :0)

  3. Doesn’t apply to my devices using versions of android 6.0. Why do you always assume people have latest version and fail to state which android versions your articles apply to?

  4. This doesn’t apply to any of my devices running android 6.0. Your articles should ALL clearly state which versions of OS’s they apply to. I hate wasting my time reading an article only to find during ‘testing out’ the articles advice it’s for an OS version I haven’t got. Put that detail ahead of your articles. How hard can it be to do this?

  5. It would be very helpful if the author stated what version of Android the information applies to. None of the suggestions applied to my 5.0.1.

  6. First-responders can get into your device by swiping your display and when the pattern or pin screen comes up press the option that says Emergency, That will take them into a section where there should be an option that gives them access to your info (person icon with an I, for example). It may be different from device to device. But, they don’t need your pin to get into that specific info.

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