How To Set Up The Analogy Screensaver As Wallpaper In Windows

There are plenty of screensavers for Windows out there, but the best that I have come across is the Analogy screensaver.

Analogy is a beautifully crafted Clock that uses simple typography and visual spatial effect to present the time. It is a simple yet elegant way of presenting everyday object.

This is what Jesson Yip, the designer said:

Analogy is a typographic clock which fuses the immediacy of digital with the visual-spatial quality of analogue into a hybrid format. It presents an everyday object with a fresh twist.

This tutorial shows you how to set the Analogy screensaver as a wallpaper in Windows (XP and Vista)

Download the Analogy screensaver here.

Extract and install it in your Windows. Set it as the default screensaver.

Set Analogy as active screensaver

Download Screen2Dream

Extract it and run the Screen2Dream.exe file.

Check the “Autostart with Windows“. Under the Screensaver  field, select and highlight “ScreenTime Screensaver Engine“. Press the Play button.


The Analogy screensaver will now run as the wallpaper on your Desktop.


  1. Running the Screen2Dream application will cover up all your desktop icons and make them inaccessible.
  2. You can also use Screen2Dream to set other screensaver as the wallpaper.

That’s it.

Analogy screensaver for XP
Analogy screensaver as wallpaper in Windows XP

Analogy screensaver for Vista
Analogy screensaver as wallpaper in Windows Vista


  1. After going to the site and installing, I read you can access the desktop icons by right-clicking on the tray icon for screen2dream. But my mouse was a constant hourglass…so I removed it. Again, nice idea though not very useful…

  2. I have known people who like to keep their desktop clean and free of icons, so this type of screensaver wallpaper can be useful to them.

  3. When elegance and technology meet in such a way I just feel happy. Nice post, thanks Damien. I came here to discover the blog and I did well.

  4. Works for me! I use Quick Launch as the only means of accessing icons (a cluttered desktop is too stressful anyway). And I could easily access a desktop icon by right clicking the tray icon.

    Now if you could only, within Screen2Dream (a really useful program too..), change the color of the XP taskbar to black, instead of having to install elaborate XP customizing software.. :=)

    Analogy screensaver is just a great design idea! And thanks for sharing it!

  5. Do you know any reason why this screensaver won’t work in Vista 64? It downloads and installs; however, it just disappears after that.

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