How to Set Up a VNC Server In Ubuntu Hardy Heron

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing and is a desktop sharing application that allows you to remote control another computer. A VNC connection requires a VNC server to be set up on the remote system and a VNC viewer to access the server. In Ubuntu Hardy Heron, both the VNC server and viewer come pre-installed in the package.

Setting up VNC server on Hardy Heron

To set up a VNC server, go to System->Preferences->Remote Desktop.

In the General tab, check the box “Allow other users to view your desktop“.


If you want to remote control the computer, also check the box “Allow other users to control your desktop” (When this box is left unchecked, remote users can only view what is happening on the remote computer, without the ability to control it).

On the Security section, check both the boxes and enter a password. This will ensure that no one can access your computer without your permission.

For more security option, you can click on the Advanced tab and check the boxes “Require encryption” and “Lock screen on disconnect

Accessing a VNC Server

To access a VNC server, go to Applications->Internet->Remote Desktop Viewer.

Click on Connect. On the popup window, enter your hostname.


If you do not know your hostname, simple right-click on Network icon on the top right hand corner and select Connection information. Record down the IP address (say Then enter IP address:0 (example into the hostname.

If you are in the local network, you can simply click “Find” to locate the VNC server in your localhost. Once done, click on Connect. You should now be able to connect to the VNC server.

Screenshot of remote viewing of my own desktop on my desktop


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  1. Hi,

    I have installed tightvncserver on Ubuntu 8.04 and tight vnc server & viewer on Windows XP.

    I can connect to Ubuntu Terminal from Windows, but I can’t I can not view Ubuntu desktop.

    I tried to follow your steps but it did not work with me.

    I set up VNC server to use port 5910. Now it shows Users can connect using:
    vncviewer localhost:10
    But still i can’t view the Ubuntu desktop. I almost to quit trying until I saw your post and I hope that I can get help from you.

    Best Regards

    1. Hi

      This could be a security problem
      Found that connecting from a Windows client only worked,
      when encryption is disabled.

      Not Very secure, but I,m using it on a internal network,
      where no internet connections are accepted.

  2. Hey man, thanks a lot for the instructions. They were clear and to the point. It just works! And I appreciate it.

  3. hey man can you help me?
    y wanto conect to my brother ubuntu we both are using ubuntu hardy,
    hi has the remote desktop configured too.

    When i try to conect to my own computer every thing is ok ,
    but when i try to conect to my brother computer i cant,
    I put “brother-laptop.loca” but i cant conect,

    i would apreciate your help tanks

    sorry for my english

    1. Check for the following in your brother’s laptop:

      1) it is connected to the Internet/router
      2) the IP address is correctly configured
      3) the firewall is not activated

    2. Hi

      Try putting your brothers ip address instead of “brother-laptop.loca”
      Local stands for local-computer

      sinds this is a networked computer, an ip address chould work.


  4. in case you want to install vnc server on a linux VPS server, i wrote a tutorial here:

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