How to Set a Timer on Your iPhone Camera

Timer Camera Iphone Feature

With each new year, Apple’s iPhone receives photography updates in the form of either software or hardware enhancements. A couple of years ago, that was the ability to use a timer, perfect for taking photos and videos hands-free. With the feature evolving over time, we bring you up-to-date steps on how to set a timer on your iPhone camera.

How to Access and Use iPhone’s Camera Timer

While this feature exists in the Camera app, it is somewhat hidden. Follow these steps to find and use your iPhone’s camera timer.

1. Launch the Camera app on your iPhone. The app will open in the mode you’ve previously used. Make sure to pick “Photo” by dragging the app’s Mode menu (just above the shutter button) left or right.

Timer Camera Iphone Navigating To Photo Mode

2. There are two ways to proceed. There are additional options related to the “Photo” mode, which can be accessed by tapping on the up-arrow at the top of your screen. Alternatively, you can also swipe up across the Mode menu to reach the same set of options.

Timer Camera Iphone Activating Feature

3. On the right side of the Mode menu, you’ll see the Shutter Timer icon. Once you select it, the icon will scroll to the left side of your screen, revealing three options. You can turn the timer off, or choose to set it to 3 seconds or 10 seconds. Pick the option that works best for you.

Timer Camera Iphone Using Shutter Timer Feature

4. The Shutter Timer icon will move to the top-right corner of your screen to indicate that you’ve set a timer on the iPhone’s camera. All that’s left is to press the Shutter button and get into position.

5. The Camera app will now show the countdown, which will flash on-screen. The shutter will then fire, storing the image you’ve just taken in the Photos app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did I miss the Shutter Timer feature? Has it always been there?

The Shutter Timer feature has not always been present in the Camera app. More precisely, it first appeared in iOS 8, and the position and icon have changed over time, as has the method of setting the timer.

2. Can I take selfies with the Shutter Timer feature?

Yes. The timer feature works with your phone’s front- and rear-facing cameras. 

3. How can I take multiple photos at once?

If you want your iPhone to take multiple photos at once and are using an iPhone X or earlier, hold the shutter button as you shoot. For iPhone 11 and later, drag the shutter button to the left. These methods will instruct your phone to shoot in Burst mode, so you’ll get to choose from ten photos via the Photos app.

4. Can I use the Shutter Timer to take videos?

Unfortunately, the Shutter Timer feature doesn’t work in any other mode of the Camera app – only the Photo mode.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to set a timer on your iPhone’s camera, why not expand that knowledge? Check out our guide on how to use your iPhone’s camera, with plenty of essential tips and tricks, then read on to learn about the best camera apps for the iPhone.

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