How to Set Default Apps in Android 10

How To Set Default Apps In Android 10

When you first get your Android device, certain apps are set as the defaults. This doesn’t mean you’re stuck using whatever the manufacturer tells you to. Instead, you just have to set default apps in Android 10 to the ones you want.

As long as you have the app installed on your device, you can set it as the default. Probably one of the first apps you’ll want to change is your browser. The process only takes a few taps. In some cases, you can even customize the default app beyond just choosing another app.

A Familiar Process

The good news is the process to set default apps in Android 10 hasn’t changed much at all. If you’ve been using Android for a while now, you’ll find the process is familiar, which is always a good thing. There is an additional step if you’re used to Android 9, but it’s not difficult.

The biggest change you may notice is some additional options in some of the default app categories. This just gives you a chance to further customize your device.

Set Default Apps in Android 10

Start by opening Settings. While some apps will prompt you to set them as the default when you use them, you’ll find all the default app settings within your Android settings.

How To Set Default Apps In Android 10 Settings

Tap “Apps & Notifications” to view settings related to your apps. Tap Advanced.

How To Set Default Apps In Android 10 Apps

Finally, tap “Default Apps.”

How To Set Default Apps In Android 10 Default Apps

Every category you can set a default app for is listed in this window. You can see the current default apps. In some cases, there may not be a default set. For instance, I switch regularly between two different browsers, so I don’t have a default set. Instead, I’m prompted about which browser to use each time.

How To Set Default Apps In Android 10 Defaults

Tap any of the categories to set default apps in Android 10. You’ll see a list of possible apps to choose from. For example, when you choose Browser App, you’ll see a list of all the installed browsers on your device. Tap the one you want and tap the back arrow to save your settings.

How To Set Default Apps In Android 10 Default Browser

Repeat this process for each app you want to change. Once again, you’re not locked in to anything. You can change your default apps at any time if you decide to use something different, such as deciding to use Firefox over Chrome or something else entirely.

Additional Default App Settings

In addition to just choosing a new default app, some categories come with additional settings. To set default apps in Android 10 for these categories, you’ll need to scroll through the settings to further customize your default app.

How To Set Default Apps In Android 10 Default Extras

A perfect example is the Assist App. When you tap this, you’ll see far more than just the available voice assistants on your device. You can change both general settings and the settings for your chosen voice assistant. If additional settings are available, you’ll see a settings (gear) icon beside it. Tap that to explore more settings.

Further Configure Default Apps

If you don’t see the settings you’re looking for when you set default apps in Android 10, you may need to change the settings without the app itself. For example, if you’re looking for browser-specific settings, such as saving passwords, you’ll have to open the browser and change the settings from inside the browser.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Galaxy Note 10 & Google

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