Ask MakeTechEasier: How to Set AOL Mail As The Default Email Handler in Windows

Dear Sirs,

I would be grateful if when you have the time you could put together a step-by-step tutorial for us Non-Brainers on how to amend/add to the Registry Editor in Windows 7 to make AOL Webmail the default mail client.

Thank you in advance for your invaluable assistance.

Keep up the good works and a Very Merry Christmas and Prosperious New Year to you, your staff and families and friends.

Yours sincerely


Dear Dwight, there is no need to amend the registry to set AOL webmail as the default email handler in Windows. Previously, we have reviewed MailTo.exe that can easily set Gmail as the default, but it doesn’t support AOL or any other webmail services.

To set AOL as the default email handler, GmailDefaultMaker will get the job done. (Even though its name stated “Gmail”, it does support AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail as well)

1. Download GmailDefaultMaker

2. Run the Installer.

3. When you reach the screen to choose your preferred email service, choose AOL.


4. Finish the installation.

That’s it. You have now set AOL as the default email handler in Windows.


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