Do You Keep Separate Devices for Work and Personal Tasks?


With the advent of mobile devices, we now have to keep watch over many. It can only add to that number to have separate devices for both work and personal tasks. Do you keep separate devices for work and personal tasks or do you keep it simple by doing everything on one device?

We have a lot of devices these days. We have desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, smartwatches, game systems, fitness bands, and the list goes on. If you double it up by having two computers, one for business and one for your personal needs, and two mobile phones as well, you have a lot of devices to watch over.

On the other hand, keeping both business and personal needs all on the same device can cause problems. When you need to be working, you’re constantly interrupted by personal emails and social networking, and if you want to have a coworker take a look and what you’re working on, it can get embarrassing if suddenly a personal text pops up.

How do you solve the dilemma? Do you combine it all for your ease of use, or do you keep everything separate to not end up mixing business with pleasure?

Do you keep separate devices for work and personal tasks?

Image Credit: pestoverde via Wikimedia Commons

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