Hit the Outdoors with the Rave Model 1 Bluetooth Speaker by Sensport

Sensport Rave Model 1 Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Are you looking for an affordable Bluetooth speaker that delivers superb sound, can last all day and night, and is waterproof? If so, Sensport’s Rave Model 1 Bluetooth speaker might be just what you’re looking for. Built for the outdoors, it’s extremely durable and able to handle water with ease, making it perfect for use in the shower, at the beach, a pool party, and any other outdoor activity.


At 1.17 pounds, it has just enough weight to it so that it stays put and doesn’t fall over on a windy day, yet it’s also light enough to carry (or let hang) for long periods. The heavy-duty carabiner clip (aka climbing hook) comes attached to the side and easily tucks away when not in use.


The Rave Model 1 Bluetooth speaker has been great for my all of my listening needs via my smartphone (music) and streaming device (videos). Here’s a closer look at its features and how to use it.

What’s in the Box

Sensport Rave Model 1 Box Contents

The Rave Model 1 Bluetooth speaker comes with a micro-USB charging cable, 3.5mm AUX cable, and one-page user manual. Although the climbing hook is listed separately, it comes already attached to the speaker — as mentioned above.

Notable Features


  • Waterproof and Shock-Absorbing Certified: It is fully waterproof and certified as IPX7 – immersion up to one meter for thirty minutes underwater. It is also dustproof and shock absorbing, ready for challenging environments.
  • Powerful 16W Stereo Sound and High-Definition Sound: Enjoy an impressive crystal clear sound quality and robust bass realized through dual high-performance drivers and a passive subwoofer.
  • Rechargeable Battery and Long Play Time: Comes with a built-in high-capacity rechargeable 3600mAh battery and delivers up to twenty-four hours of playtime at two-thirds the volume on a full charge.
  • Built-in Microphone and Hands-Free Features: You can pick up a call anywhere when it is connected to your smartphone.

Using the Speaker

The Rave Model 1 Bluetooth speaker is extremely easy to use, and everything is where you’d expect it to be. On top of the speaker you’ll find the power, play/pause button, mode switch (Bluetooth, micro-SD, AUX-in), and previous/next buttons.


The previous/next buttons also double as the volume up/down buttons. Short-pressing them changes the video or song while long pressing them changes the volume level of the speaker.


On the side (opposite of the climbing hook) you’ll find the micro-USB port for charging, AUX-in jack for directly connecting to a device, and micro-SD card slot. I love having the option to listen to music and audio from a micro-SD card because it helps save the battery on your mobile device.

What’s also nice is the tightly-sealed cover that protects the ports and jack from water. You actually have to put in a little extra effort just to get it open, which shows just how secure the seal is.


When you turn on the speaker a blue LED light will display on the front and will go into Bluetooth pairing mode (using Bluetooth 4.2). It only took a few seconds for me to pair it with my Galaxy S8 device.


My phone not only recognized it as a device that can play audio but also as one that can handle phone calls – thanks to the microphone on the front of the speaker (not visible, but it’s there). When taking a phone call from my husband, the audio came through perfectly, and he was able to hear me clearly on his end.


If you want to connect the speaker to a computer, laptop, etc., all you have to do is plug-in the AUX cable, and it automatically switches to that mode. You can easily get back to Bluetooth mode by pressing the “M” button (mode switch).

I have a Roku Express device that doesn’t have Bluetooth, so having the ability to plug it in directly to this speaker is truly convenient. When doing so, it works as expected and without issues. Plus, the sound is so great that my husband thought that I was listening using my usual Bose speaker. He was shocked to find out that it was the Rave Model 1 Bluetooth speaker with such robust sound.

Listening to music is even more enjoyable with the rich, hard-hitting bass; at high volume levels, the speaker literally vibrates with the music! I must say that this sounds just as good as my Bose speaker and at a fraction of the cost.

Final Thoughts


Whether you do a lot of swimming, hiking, cycling, or another outdoor activity, this rugged Bluetooth speaker by Sensport is great to have with you. Rave Model 1 delivers impressive sound with just the right amount of bass and superb clarity along with amazing battery life. Plus, it’s waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. For the affordable price, you really can’t beat its quality and durability.

What is your favorite outdoor and/or waterproof speaker, and how does it compare to the Rave Model 1?

Sensport Rave Model 1

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