Grab the Hot Favorite Seneo Fast Wireless Charger Stand For Under $20

The wired chargers we get with our mobile phones are great, but they aren’t always the most convenient or the quickest. You could buy a wireless charger, but who wants to spend a lot more money on something you should have been getting for free anyway?

That’s what makes the Seneo Fast Wireless Charger Stand a great choice. At under $20 it will charge your Qi-enabled phone wirelessly, phones like the iPhone X, Galaxy Note, Edge S6, etc. Best yet, it will hold your phone in an upright position, meaning it’s at a perfect angle, both vertically and horizontally, for you to use it while it charges.

Once you connect an AC adapter (which is not included) and sit the phone on the center of the wireless charging stand, it will start charging wirelessly. You don’t even have to take your phone case off if the thickness is under 4MM and made of rubber, plastic, etc. If your case is thicker, though, or has metal, magnetic attachments, or credit cards inside, it will cause the charging to disconnect.

LED lights will occur to show you have a proper connection and also when it starts charging. It will also flash if a foreign object is obstructing the charging to clear up any confusion.

The Seneo Fast Wireless Charger Stand comes in two colors: black and silver. It’s offered in in two different speeds, 5W and 10 W, depending on the capabilities of your phone and whether it will work with the faster charging speed.

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