How to Send a Website from Your PC to Your Phone (Chrome)

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Let’s say you’re reading an interesting article on a website but need to leave the house and want to continue reading it. It would be nice if you could carry on on your phone, right?

As it happens, it’s pretty easy these days to sync websites between your phone and your PC using the Chrome browser. Here’s how to send a website from Chrome on your PC to your phone (and vice-versa).

First, make sure sure you’re signed into the same Google account on both the PC and phone versions of Chrome. Also, go to Chrome Settings (three-dot icon at the top right, then Settings), and make sure that at the top you’ve set Chrome to “Syncing.”

How To Send Website From Chrome To Phone Sync

Now, there are a couple of ways you can do things. One is to right-click each tab you want to send to your phone, then click “Send to [your phone name].” This will immediately send the tabs to your phone where you can crack on with reading them.

How To Send Website From Chrome To Phone Cast Tab

But this will only offer a temporary link. If you accidentally swipe it from your phone, then it’s gone.

If you want to save sites or articles for reading whenever you like on your phone – whether it’s right away or in a couple of days, then simply bookmark that page by using the star icon in the Omnibox.

How To Send Website From Chrome To Phone Bookmark

That page will now be available to read on Chrome on your phone under your bookmarks.

What I like to do also is to create a “Reading List” folder in my bookmarks, which clearly demarcates the reading content from other bookmarks.

To create a new bookmark folder for the sites you want, click the “star” icon to bookmark a site, then click “More” and “New Folder.”

And that’s how to do it. If you want to keep digging around in Chrome, then check out our list of the best Chrome flags you can try or play around with the new tab groups in Google Chrome.

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