How to Send a Voice Message in Instagram

Christmas is coming, and that’s when the number of messages that are sent increases. Instagram is well aware of this and wanted to make sending a message easier this holiday season.

This is a feature your finger is going to appreciate. You’ll finally be able to tell all without having to put your fingers on ice later. If you’ve sent voice messages on any other messaging app, then you won’t have any issues sending one on Instagram.

How to Send a Voice Message on Instagram

Sending a voice message on Instagram is very easy. Open an already existing conversation or start a new one. One way to start a conversation would be to tap on the other person’s profile picture and then tap on the Message option.


Like in any other app, all you need to do is press and hold the mic icon to record your voice message. If the message you are sending is a long one, there is a more comfortable way to record your messages.

The same way you would record a message in WhatsApp, after a few seconds of recording with your finger on the mic icon, swipe up and let go. The recording process will continue without you having to keep your finger on the mic icon.


When you’re done with your message, tap on the arrow to the right to send your message. If you made a mistake and want to erase your message, just swipe left towards the trash icon.

Once you’ve sent your audio and want to hear the recordings from a specific start point, there’s a way to do that. Place your finger on the lines of the audio and slide your finger to the sides. Find the point you you want to hear and let go.

As you slide your fingers, the dots of the audio will turn black as move forward and turn grey as you move backward. In order for this to work, the audio needs to be playing, or nothing will happen.

If you like an audio that you’ve received, double-tap on it to mark it with a heart.┬áIf you want to unlike it, tap on the heart, and it should disappear after that. Keep in mind that the recordings can only be a maximum of one minute and will be stored on both users’ conversations.

How to Unsend Instagram Voice Messages

During my testing, I was able to erase a message I sent over twelve hours after it was sent. To erase a message, long-press on the audio, and a message with the words “Unsend Message” will appear.


Tap on it, and you will see another window that will tell you that by erasing the audio it will be gone for both people in the conversation. If you’re sure this is what you want to do, tap on Unsend, and it will disappear.


Sending an audio message is nothing new since it’s been around for quite some time on other apps. But you can bet that it is something that all Instagram users have been waiting for. How happy are you that Instagram finally lets you send audio messages? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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