The Best Way To Send Text Messages From Google Chrome [Android]

Recently I have had an increased need to send and receive text messages. While we have reviewed some applications to send text messages from your browser, there was a bit of a lag I wasn’t liking. I decided to try other options.

MightyText was the outright winner of my search. What I was looking for in a nutshell was something to send and receive text messages throughout the day without needing to keep stopping what I am doing to check my phone. I wanted to have it on silent while I worked to avoid new email notifications yet receive SMS messages from clients.

Here is a little bit about how it works and why it stood out to me.


Other messaging applications have a lagging issue because they check every few minutes instead of real-time notifications from the Android phone.

Pop-up window

Even though MightyText is a Chrome extension, once installed, Chrome does not need to be running. You will see a little pop-up window in the corner of the screen with the message in it.

Google contacts

MightyText uses Google contacts to let you know who is sending you a SMS.

Delete a thread

Using the delete option in MightyText will only delete the message thread in MightyText, not the one on your phone.

You will need to download and install both the Google Chrome extension and the Android application.


Once both are installed, you will need to sign into the same Google Account in both places.


Now, when a SMS is received, you will see a pop-up window on your computer showing the contents of the message. There is a button to reply and a button to close this pop-up window. If you receive more than one message before you reply or close the pop-up window, the new message will stack on top of the previous window.


When you click the reply button, a larger window will pop up with a text box and other options. When your message of 160 characters or less is typed, hit the send button to trigger the message to be sent via your Android phone. You will see a little notification to the right of your message letting you know the status.


You can click on the MightyText icon at the top of your Google Chrome window and open a window showing all of the conversations you have or had going.


If you shut your computer down, and come back later, you will be able to see how many messages you received while you were away.


There are a few settings to tinker with. One of them is the option to show the message and the person’s name/number when they send you a SMS or just their name/number. If you have some friends who send inappropriate texts while you are at work, you might want to choose to display just their name in the pop-up window.


While sending messages all day might distract you more than help you, when you need to message a lot, MightyText is great. MightyText is fast and accurate when you need to send text messages from your browser.

Why do you need to send text messages from your browser?

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