6 Ways to Easily Send Text Messages (SMS) from Your PC

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Text messaging has become one of the most popular ways to carry on conversations in our world today. The convenience of using SMS is universally known. Sometimes, though, for one reason or another, you may prefer to have access to text messaging on your computer.

No matter your reason, if this is something you want to do, follow one of these texting methods that do not require the use of the messaging app on your phone.

1. Google Voice

Google Voice isn’t talked about much, but this handy service gives you a free virtual phone number that you can use to make calls and send texts. Currently, it’s only available in the US and Canada. If you find yourself in these territories, then setting it up is simple.

Send Text Messages From Pc Google Voice

1. Go to Google Voice and sign up.

2. Click the Messages icon, then “Send a message.”

3. Enter the name or number of the contact you want to text. (You can add up to seven people in a group text.) You can also attach images by clicking the image icon.

4. When you’re ready, click the “Send” arrow.

2. Your Email Account

This only works for USA and Canadian phone numbers. An often unknown way for you to text without your phone is for you to use your regular email client. To use your email to send a message:

1. Click to compose a new email like you normally would.

2. Insert the person’s ten-digit phone number.

3. Add your recipient’s carrier code from the chart below.

If you are not sure which carrier your recipient has, you can look it up.

These sites will check to make sure it is a wireless number and give you the SMS and MMS addresses for that contact.

3. Windows App

If you have a Windows machine, you can use the “Your Phone Companion” app to send and receive texts. The drawback to using this program is that you cannot send or receive photos or other media.

To use the Your Phone Companion App to text:

1. Press the Win button on your keyboard and click on “Your Phone “on the app list.

2. If you have not connected your phone yet, the app will walk you through that.

3. Once they are connected, you have access to all your text messages and can create and receive messages from there.

Text Computer Windows Your Phone

You can also access pictures you’ve taken with your phone. You can’t send them, but you can see them.

4. Chrome Extension

Text Computer Google Extension Store

If you are a Gmail user, you can use a Chrome extension called “Send Your Email to SMS (text)” to send text from your email. It’s a nice little app that allows you to send ten messages for free each month. If you do more than that, you need to upgrade to an unlimited plan for about $55 a month. For a small business, this could be a way to send messages to your customers.

1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and download the extension.

2. Open Gmail in your browser. You will see that the extension adds a phone icon to your email window.

3. Click on Compose to begin a message.

4. Click on the phone icon near the bottom-left corner.

Text Computer Phone Icon

5. Type the number you want to text.

6. Type your message and send it out.

With this extension, you don’t have to locate and type in the carrier code. It will automatically do it for you.

5. Free Websites

You have a choice of some free websites that you can use to send messages. Here are a few examples of the many that are available.


Text Windows Globfone

GlobFone only has an SMS option – you cannot send pictures. To use it, all you need to do is put in the number you want to text and add a message. The recipient cannot reply, but the site has a status check to make sure the message was delivered correctly.


If you want to use email but don’t want to go through the hassle of finding the carrier code or typing it in yourself, you can try TxtDrop. To use it, put in your email address and the phone number of the recipient and send the text. All you need is the country code and number. The site gets the carrier code for you.

The recipient can reply to you. It comes to your email, and you can continue a conversation that started that way. It’s very cluttered, though, and isn’t easy for the recipient to read on a phone.

6. Text Sync Apps

Another way of texting from your computer is to install one of several different apps that sync your text messages onto your laptop.


Text Computer Pushbullet

Pushbullet is one of the most popular desktop apps to connect your Android phone to your computer. It not only pushes SMS messages between the devices, but it includes Notification Mirroring, pushing all your notifications from your Android to your computer. Pushbullet used to be free, but they reduced the number of features on their free platform and added a paid level of $5.00 a month.


Text Computer Airdroid

AirDroid is nearly the same as Pushbullet. You can also view your camera and dial your phone remotely. All these features are only $2.00 per month.


This app for sending SMS messages from your PC is a browser option, not a desktop app like Pushbullet and AirDroid. MightyText lets you synchronize your SMS messages along with your notifications, photos, videos, and all the major desktop browsers. It’s free for up to 500 messages a month, and after that it will set you back $5.00 monthly.

If you find that texting on your phone is not the most efficient way for you to create messages, try one of these other ways to send them. And don’t forget to backup your messages in the event that your phone crashes.


  1. Check this Gmail addon. Works for me

  2. I want to receive text messages in order to access bank account, credit card account etc since all these companies insist on sending passcodes via this sms method rather than email for some unfathomable reason. But I want to bypass the need to switch my phone on. None of these proposed solutions fulfil this. I live in the UK and the first two only apply to the USA and Canada. The others appears to only allow you to send text messages or to have your phone switched on. I have no interest in doing this, I have email for that!

  3. most of the sites and extensions work only for Canada/ US and you didn’t specify that.

    That wasted my half an hour in going to very sites and trying in vain, or installing extentions and trying, and all these got my registratation details, phone no., email id.

    These sites are cheat and you are are their comerade in hands to promote such sites to steal my personal important imformation to them.

    Shame on your ilk.

  4. Allow me to reduce that working part further. Most of these suggestions do not work in Canada either.
    You can not Text from your Email to a mobile device in Canada. Bell and Rogers will Block you from texting one of their customers from a non-text paying address.

  5. I know I just commented but I just confirmed another NO GO in Canada.
    Google Voice does not work for texting in Canada either.
    You need a US based number in order to get a google voice number, in order to text.

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