How to Send and Read Messages with Google Assistant on Android

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In an attempt to make texting safer and more practical, Google Assistant now allows users to send SMS messages to their contacts with just their voice.

This is an excellent feature that will prove useful whenever you’re busy multitasking and don’t have both hands free – not to mention it will also help discourage dangerous habits like texting and driving. The feature can also be used to send WhatsApp messages and audio messages.

If you want to start sending texts using your voice with Google Assistant, follow along with this guide.

How to Send SMS Messages with Google Assistant on Your Android

To get started, you’ll have to bring up the Google Assistant on your Android device. You can do that several ways:

  • Use the “OK Google” hot phrase.
  • Long-press on your phone’s Home button.
  • Download and install the Google Assistant app on your device and launch it. Use the same “OK Google” phrase to wake it or tap the microphone icon.

Once you have Google Assistant’s attention, say one of the following commands in a clear voice:

Send a message to [contact].”

Send a message.”

If you use the first command, the Assistant will ask you to speak out the message you want to send. Once you have the text down, Google will confirm the message with you and send it on its way without you having to touch the phone’s display for a second.

Send Messages Google Assistant Contact

Alternatively, if you opted for the second command, the Assistant will ask you to pick who to send the message to and which type of message you wish to send (SMS, WhatsApp). Select any of your contacts and utter the message you want to deliver. The helper will do the rest – super easy.

Send Messages Google Assistant Select Message Type

How to Send Other Types of Messages with Google Assistant on Android

If you wish to send a message on WhatsApp instead, you just have to use a slightly tweaked voice command:

“Send a message on WhatsApp.”

The Assistant will ask you who you want to send the message to, after which you’ll proceed to speak out the message.

Send Messages Google Assistant Hands Free Text Whatsapp

When you’re done, Google will confirm the message by reading it back to you and ask if it’s ready to be sent. Confirm and the message will go out to your contact.

Alternatively, you can send an audio message with your Android phone. You can use one of these commands to initiate the process.

“Send an audio message to [contact].”

“Send an audio message.”

“Send a WhatsApp audio message to [contact].”

Once you’re done speaking, Google will ask you if you’re ready to send the message.

Send Messages Google Assistant Recording Audio Message

The Assistant will also show you a transcription of the message, so if you want to perform some modifications, now is the time to do so.

How to Get Google Assistant to Read Your New Messages

If you recently received new messages on your device, you can also use the Google Assistant to read your messages. Just say “Hey Google, read my messages,” to have the helper read out your latest messages.

Send Messages Google Assistant Read New Messages

Interestingly enough, while the Assistant does not appear to understand the command to “Send a message on Signal,” you can still use it to reply with voice to new Signal messages you receive.

Continue learning how to use Google’s virtual helper to its fullest capability by checking out our piece which teaches you how to use Google Assistant in Chrome on Android. Alternatively, check out how you can take advantage of the Google Assistant Family bell feature.

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