Send A Personalized Greeting Card This Year with These Apps [Mac, iOS]

Greeting card is a good alternative for those who can’t make out the time to buy a proper present, or just want to keep in contact with your family/friends that are staying at a distance away. Unlike the past where the cards are plain and boring, it’s easier now than ever to create your own personalized cards and have them sent to your friends in a few clicks. Today, we will take a look at a couple of applications for Mac and iOS that make giving all types of cards (greeting and gift cards) easier and fun.

Greeting Cards on Mac

Creating greeting cards on Mac is quite enjoyable to do. Most cards created on Mac are pretty much begging to be personalized due to how much they rely on the photos you add into them. One program already on your Mac that does this is iPhoto. Yes, your photo organizer can also make some high quality and personalized holiday, birthday, or anniversary cards in a snap. No, they aren’t cards you just print out on your normal computer paper, you can order them right on your Mac and have them printed on card stock and sent to the recipient.

iPhoto greeting card

How does it work? Simply launch iPhoto as normal. From there, click on the photo you want to create a card with. To get started, simply click the “create” button at the bottom right side of the screen and click “card”. As you can see, there are other options like calendars and photo books as well. At the top, you have three options (letterpress, folded, and flat cards). You can scroll through to see which tickles your fancy.

iPhoto: creating your own greeting card

Pricing is shown at the bottom left of the main screen. Letterpress cards are for $2.99, folded are for $1.49, and flat cards are $0.99. These prices are on-par with many big box stores. When you click to create, you are prompted to a page that allows you to add text to your card. The bottom right gives you more options and the ability to add more photos.

When finished, you just have to click “Buy Card” and pay. Whenever you have to go back (either to continue editing or to order more cards), the card will be available in the “Projects” section on the left. Free shipping is available through December 13th for it to arrive by the Christmas holiday, order by the 16th with express shipping for the card to arrive by December 24th.

Give a Card Through iOS

Greeting cards on iOS

It’s a common fact that there are more iOS users than Mac users. Coupled with the fact that you may always be on the go, having a quality greeting card app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch may be essential this holiday season. The most common choice is Cards for iOS.

For those who haven’t used Cards, it is sort of reminiscent of the cards section of iPhoto that we just mentioned. They share some of the same themes and the process for creating a card on the app is quite identical. When you are done creating the card, simply checkout and the card will be shipped to the address you asked for. Shipping deadlines are the same as that for iPhoto, so be sure to order in time!

Square wallet greeting card

If you are looking for a cheaper option, there are plenty. SnapShot Greeting Cards is an application that allows you to send your first greeting card for free, with subsequent cards available for $1.60 each domestically. That’s pretty inexpensive. You can pay through credit card or PayPal. Another very popular option is justWink Greeting Cards. Along with postal options, this application also allows you to mail cards through email, text message, and social media. Lastly, Square is now offering gift cards. In the Square Wallet app, simply find the store you want to give for a gift card, click “Send gift card”, and send.

Holiday Cards Through “Gyft”

Previously, when mentioning Square Wallet, we went a bit into gift cards. However, there are many other applications available out there than the newly released Square gift cards that can be useful for the holidays. One popular application is Gyft. This application allows you to find a retailer, purchase the gift card within the application, and send it off through Facebook, email, or text message.

gyft application

Plus, if you have your own gift cards you haven’t used, you can easily upload it to Gyft and send it off. Gyft is a wonderful alternative for individuals unable to have Passbook. While you won’t have the features like being able to hold tickets and passes, you can still do something Passbook can’t, purchase gift cards in-app and send them.

Which programs have made it easy for you to send off personalized gift cards and greeting cards? Let us know in the comments section below.

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