How to Efficiently Share or Send Google Docs via Email

These days in the professional world, there are plenty of ways for people to communicate with one another, such as on LinkedIn or Slack. However, despite being one of the oldest means of communication on the Internet, the trusty email stays one of the top ways for professionals to discuss matters.

If you’re an avid Google Docs user, you may find yourself wanting to send a Google Docs document via email. But how do you do that?

In truth, there’s a myriad of different ways you can share your document with others. Which one you choose is ultimately based on how you want to share your document with others.

As an Invitation

If you’d like to simply send an invitation to view the Google Doc, click the blue “Share” button at the top right.


In the “Share with Others” dialogue, enter the emails of the people you want to share it with. If you have them in your contacts, you can do it via names instead.


On the pencil icon on the right, you can select what level of access your audience will have. By default, this will be set to “Can edit.”


While this works perfectly fine for sharing a document, it’s not ideal for every situation. This is because you’ll be simply sending an invitation email to the recipients to view your document. For example, if you’re submitting a resumé or a document, you’ll want to have the link to the document alongside the cover letter. Simply sending an invitation may confuse people!

As a Link

If you want to place a link within the email, you can link directly to the Google Doc for people to read. To get a link, click on the blue “Share” button as above, but this time click on “Get shareable link” at the top-right of the box that appears.


By default, Google Docs will give you a link that allows people to view your document. If this is fine, click the “Copy link” button and paste it within your email. However, from this setting you can also make it so that people who click on your document via the link can comment or edit it as well. This is very useful if you’d like to collaborate with someone on your document.


To make your link look professional in your email, try embedding it within text so it flows more naturally.

As an Attachment

If you’d prefer to attach a copy of the document in an email, you can do that straight from Google Docs. If you’re logged into Google Docs under the same account you want to email from, you don’t need to download anything – just send it straightaway!

To do this, click “File” and then “Email as attachment.”


A window will appear asking for an email as well as a subject and body. Notice that you can’t add the email you want to send from here; this is because Google Docs is assuming you want to send it from the Google account you’re logged into.

docs-email-as-attachment Also, you can choose the format of the document from this window.


Once you’re done, click “Send” and Google Docs will automatically send your document as an attachment to the emails you listed.

Within the Email Body

In a similar fashion, if you want to send the entire article within the body of the email itself, you can do this via Google Docs as well. Enter the “Email Attachment” screen as above, but when you go to select a file type, instead click “Paste the item itself into the email.” Again, like above, this assumes you want to send the email from the account you’re currently logged into.


Docs Done Easier

When you’re trying to share a Google Doc with others, sometimes you’ll want to use email. However, attaching a Google Doc to an email is easier than you think! Now you know all the different ways to share a document using email.

How much do you use email to send documents online? Let us know below.

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