2 Ways to Send Bitcoins on Telegram

2 Ways to Send Bitcoins on Telegram

Have some bitcoins you’re looking to send? Are you looking to receive any? Ever thought about doing it right from Telegram Messenger? Like most modern messengers today, Telegram has bots. These bots can do a myriad of things: order pizza, tweet, post to Facebook, etc. And now you can send BTC over Telegram too!

What are the best tools for sending bitcoin over Telegram? In this article we take two good solutions and talk about why you might want to try them!

What Is Telegram?


Telegram is an end-to-end encrypted instant messaging service. Its main claim to fame is the fact that it’s very privacy-centric. For those who are privacy-focused, this program is probably one of the best choices out there. If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about this messenger, consider reading this article. It goes over it really well.



If you’re looking to send bitcoins to your friends on Telegram, consider Telebit. All you’ll need is Telegram itself. After that, using it is easy. Just search for the Telebit bot (@bitcoinwalletbot) and click /start. From here you’ll be able to manage your Bitcoin and send it over Telegram too.

An interesting concept for sure, and best of all there are no fees to pay. Telebit’s website states “Telebit users don’t have to pay these minor fees because our sponsor TREZOR covers all of these costs.” The lack of fees is a nifty thing, as when sending bitcoin you typically have to pay about three cents (bitcoin equivalent).

Telebit is an impressive program and sports many, many useful commands that users can interact with to send bitcoins from their wallets. If what you want is to send some of your favorite crypto-currency over Telegram, look no further: Telebit has you covered.

Telegram Bitcoin Wallet


Telebit isn’t the only telegram-based bitcoin wallet. Introducing the Telegram Bitcoin Wallet. Like the previous program mentioned, you’ll be able to send and receive BTC and store it in a wallet as well. That alone doesn’t set itself apart from Telebit.

However, what does set it apart is its ability to “lock funds.” What does this mean? As many bitcoin fans may already know, BTC is extremely volatile. Its market price fluctuates day to day, and it sort of works like the stock market on Wall Street. Every day it’s worth a different price.

The Telegram Bitcoin Wallet allows users to forgo this kind of stress by using the /lock feature. This will allow users to lock their bitcoins into USD, EUR or GBP to avoid the volatility of the market. It’s a very fancy feature, especially if you’re new to bitcoin, and the fluctuations stress you out.

Telegram Bitcoin Wallet right now is in closed beta, but if you’re interested in trying it out, just head over to this page, and sign up for the beta. In due time you should be given access to the beta.


Bitcoins are not a new thing. They’ve been around quite a while now, and more and more people have started using them. This is why I think it’s great that more and more programs are starting to embrace bitcoin in some way, normalizing the use of it and making it easier than ever for the average person to spend and earn bitcoin.

These programs, though not perfect, add yet another feature to the already feature-filled Telegram. I hope that these programs continue to evolve and grow so that its users can continue to spread the word about everyone’s favorite crypto-currency.

Bitcoin users: Do you use Telegram? Would you ever consider using a wallet with it? Tell us below!

Image Credit: BTC Keychain

Derrik Diener
Derrik Diener

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