What Is Your Opinion of Selfie Sticks? [Poll]

With the advent of smartphones, it’s become incredibly easy to take pictures of yourself. It’s become such a trend that a name has been affixed to the practice: selfies. Now it’s become even easier to take selfies with the creation of selfie sticks. What is your opinion of them?

Selfie sticks are easy enough to understand. You put your phone on one end of the stick and operate it from the other. It makes it easier to get a proper distance for a selfie as sometimes our arms just don’t seem quite long enough. But always having one at the ready can be a bit of a pain. You’re no longer just carrying around your phone; now you’re carrying around a selfie stick as well. For women, they can just stash them in their purses, but for men, they have to hope they will collapse down small enough to fit them in their pockets. Apple has decided that they are menacing enough that they are now banning them from the WWDC, although they have not committed to a reason.


Do you find them to be a menacing accessory like Apple does? Or do you find them to be necessary to take the perfect selfies? What is your opinion of selfie sticks?

What is your opinion of selfie sticks?

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Image Credit: Marco Verch via Wikimedia Commons