Do You Want to See Ads on Every Electronic Device You Have?

We all know how annoying ads can be. They can pop up when you’re least suspecting them, and they can also be persistent to the point you might not visit websites anymore just to stay away from the ads. Google wants to make that even worse for us by having ads on everything it can reach. Do you want to see ads on every electronic device you have?

Google sent a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission last December, though it was just recently disclosed. They mentioned their plans to bring ads to “refrigerators, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses, watches,” and seemingly everything else with some type of screen or window on it.

Think about what life would be like. You would go across the room to turn the air conditioning on but have to wait thirty seconds until you’re done watching the ad. You stick your glass underneath the ice dispenser on the fridge but receive no ice until you click the button that says “Skip this ad.” You check your watch for the time but have to wait for the ad to finish. As it is the law thinks we are too distracted by our cell phones when we drive. Imagine if there were ads running across the car dashboard.

This plan of Google’s would certainly change our lives, yet it’s not completely a surprise. Is it something we should look forward to or is Google going too far? Do you want to see ads on every electronic device you have?

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