Search Sidebar Lets You Search Everywhere On Google

If you want to do a search, the usual choice is to go to and type in your search. What if you want to search in Facebook, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, or even your own Gmail or Google Docs account? You have to go the respective sites to do the search. Very troublesome, isn’t it? How about getting all the search results in one page? The Search Sidebar extension allows you to do just that.

Search Sidebar is a very useful add-on that allows you to search multiple sites with one query and search interface. The best thing is, all the search results appear in your Google search result page, so you don’t have to get used to any new interface.

Once you have installed the Search Sidebar extension, you won’t see any configuration option in your Firefox toolbar. Instead, you will see a search strip at the sidebar when you perform a search in Google (Note that this extension will not work for Google encrypted search).


When you hover your cursor over the icons in the search sidebar, the search result for that site will pop up.


If you are logged in to your Gmail, Google Docs, Facebook LinkedIn or Dropbox account, it can even search your personal account.

To see all the search results, simply click on the blue “WebMynd” button and the strip will expand to show all the search results from different sites.


You can add more sources for it to retrieve the search results or to remove the default source from the list.



Search Sidebar is useful if you search from multiple sources regularly. My personal favorite is the ability to search your personal accounts, like Gmail and Google Docs, without having to visit the sites.

My only gripe is there is no easy ways to organize the search sources. I prefer to have my Gmail account at the top of the list. To do that, I have to first remove Gmail from the list, then re-add it again to make it appear at the top. You have to do this for every other sources. It would be great if the developer can come out with a drag and drop solution to rearrange the search sources.

Search Sidebar is available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Damien Damien

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