Screenpresso: A Powerful All-in-one Screen Capture Tool

For a screen capture program, Screenpresso offers more than most. When I first took a look at the feature page, I was astonished at everything it can do. This desktop program (which can also be ran from a USB stick), offers editing features you would normally need another program for. Annotations, auto resizing and a blur tool are just a few features packaged in. Peruse some of the others below.

Picture Stitching

Picture stitching allows you to take a screen capture of a full webpage or at least more page than can be viewed on a screen with out scrolling. The way it works is by pressing the default hot key combo of Ctrl + Shift + Print. A selection window appears; stretch it to fill the area you want to capture minus the side scroll bar. Once the area is selected, using the browser scroll bar, scroll down a little at a time, making sure to stop periodically. The screens need to overlap so the software knows where to stitch the pages together.



One of the features I was really happy to see was the built in editing window. It can do the basics like resize and crop. Some of the additional features that set Screepresso apart are things such as:


Some applications have basic markup tools, this application is not all that different there. You can add shapes like circles, an ellipse, squares and arrows. What IS different, is the resizing of the shape. As simple as it sounds, this is a nice touch. Instead of clicking undo and repositioning the arrow, you can grab either end and move it. The same can be done with the other shapes as well.



Blur Tool

This feature caught me by surprise. Normally, I would use some sort of image editor to blur out personal information in a screen capture. By having this feature built into the screen capture program, it saves steps and therefore saves time.


Numbering is not something I personally use a lot. However, there are times when there are needs to place numeric place markers on the captured screen. If you are making an owners manual or giving feedback on a website for example, this would be extremely useful.



Adding text can be done in two ways; the standard text box or a text balloon (think comic book text bubble). Again, this is handy if you are adding comments and need the words to point at something specific. Sure you could use an arrow then add a text box to the tail of the arrow. This is just a cleaner looking way.



Like many other apps, basic resizing is available. The coolness in this application is, you can set it to auto resize and are given a multitude of selections to do so. When you are in the edit window, click on the image tab. If you choose the maximum width setting for example, any screen capture will automatically be reduced to that width.



Once you have everything marked up and ready for people to see, you are given the option to send to Twitter. If you would rather not tweet it and send it via email, you can simply drag it into your desktop email program. If you are using web based email such as Yahoo or Gmail, you can brag the file onto your desktop and attach it to your email like normal.


Pro Version

Right now, there is only a free version. It does however look as though a pro version is in the works. Right now it looks like the features they list on the comparison grid are all the same. In the settings window are grayed out tabs for audio and video capture. I did not see a specific mention about these features only accessible in the pro option, but I would venture to guess that will be what happens.

How much time will an all-in-one program like this save you?

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