How to Set Up Screen Sharing in Mac

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Screen sharing, as its name implies, is a way for you to share your computer screen so others can take a look at what you’re seeing or remote control it. It is useful when you need someone to troubleshoot your computer. macOS has its very own screen-sharing system to share your screen. Follow the steps below to set up screen sharing on your Mac.

1. Open the Screen Sharing app on your Mac. You can do this by searching for it in Spotlight.

2. Enter in the Apple ID of the person whose screen you want to access in the “Connect To” box. If the contact is already in your Contacts, you’ll get the option to connect.

Screen Sharing Macos Connect

3. You’ll see a message that your Mac is waiting for the other user to approve sharing their screen. Similarly. on the other Mac (the one being accessed), the user will receive a notification asking them whether they’d like to share their screen.

Screen Sharing Macos Notification

4. Once they click on “Accept,” they’ll have the option to either allow you to control their screen or just observe their screen.

Screen Sharing Macos Control My Screen

If they choose “Control My Screen,” you’ll be able to connect and control it.

You’ll now be able to access the other Mac, albeit with a bit of time lag. Similarly, both users will be able to hear each other. You’ll be able to demonstrate or fix an issue on the other Mac, if that’s the reason you’re connecting.

Screen Sharing Macos Control

The method above works for Macs connected to different Apple IDs. If you’d like to screen-share between Macs on the same local network, use the method below:

1. On your the Mac, open System Preferences.

2. Click on Sharing and select “Screen Sharing.” Make sure “Screen Sharing” is checked in the pane on the left.

3. Note the computer address written on the top of the window.

Screen Sharing Macos Local Name

4. On the Mac that you want access to, open the Screen Sharing app.

5. Enter in the local address that you copied in Step 3.

This will open the Mac’s screen, from which you can access files and folders, windows, etc., as you would normally do.

Using the method above, you can easily share your Mac’s screen with others. Alternatively, here are some other ways you can remotely access your Mac from an external computer.

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