How to Schedule Posts In Facebook Page [Quick Tips]

If you are an administrator/moderator of a Facebook page, you will know that previously there is no way to schedule post right within the Facebook page. To do so, you will have to resort to third party app or write your own code using the Facebook API. A good thing is, Facebook has recently introduced the scheduling function so you can now schedule post without using third party apps. Here is how you can do so.

In your Facebook Page, at the “Write Something” input field, you should see a clock icon just below the text box.


Click this clock icon and it will prompt you to “Add year”.


Once you have added the year, it will then prompt you to enter the month, day, hour and minute, one at a time.


Lastly, after you have set the time, click the Schedule button to schedule your post.

That’s it.

Facebook might be slow in introducing this scheduling feature, but it is better late than never. The question is, for those of you who are used to relying on third party apps to update your Facebook page, will you switch to the Facebook native scheduling tool to update your page?


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