Schedule Your Emails to Send Later With RightInbox

Have you ever come across a situation where you need to send an email at a particular time but you are not available to compose/send that email at that time? If that is so, you will need a scheduling tool that can help you to send your email at a later time. RightInbox is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that plug into your Gmail and allows you to schedule email to send later.

If you remembered, there is another Gmail scheduling tool – Boomerang, that we covered sometime back. So what is the difference between these two services? Boomerang is now more matured and comes with the option to return your emails back to your inbox. RightInbox, being the new kid on the block, is simpler to use, more intuitive and is free (for now)! While there are little differences between the two (as of now), it is important to note that RightInbox is still in beta and any new feature they implement in the future could go in a direction dramatically different from Boomerang. At the moment, we just have to wait and see.

To get started, simply visit RightInbox and install the extension for your browser (Firefox or Chrome).

Next, login to your Gmail and you will be prompted to grant access to the RightInbox app.


Once you are done with that, you are ready to schedule your emails. To do that, just compose an email, set the subject and recipient’s detail, and click the “Send Later” button.


A popup dialog box will appear to allow you to choose the time to send your email. You can also add a specified timing (and timezone) to send the email.


Once scheduled, your email will be placed in the Draft folder and remain there until it is sent. An additional line of “Scheduled to be sent as xx:xx” will be appended to the subject line of the scheduled emails. This allows you to check your Draft folder and see which emails are scheduled and the time they are supposed to go out. Not to worry, when the email is being sent, the appended line will be removed from the subject line.



The features of RightInbox is pretty limited at the moment, but for scheduling emails, it works good and well. According to Daniel, the developer of RightInbox, the service is still in beta and more features like response tracking, improvements for sending large files, finding bulky attachments, email marketing will be added to the service in the future. Until that happen, you can enjoy the free email scheduling service and help RightInbox test its product.


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