How to Schedule the Blue Light Filter on an Android Device

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We spend most of our time either scrolling through social media feeds or watching YouTube videos on our smartphones. Smartphones or any display, emit light, which plays a very important role in activating our human body clock. Generally, we feel energetic when there is more light, so staring at the smartphone screen for long hours can make it difficult to fall asleep. Modern smartphones come with a feature called “Blue Light Filter” that blocks the blue light from the display to reduce eyestrain. In this post, we look at how you can schedule the blue light filter on Android.

Schedule Blue Light Filter on a OnePlus Phone

If you own a OnePlus Android device, then you can easily schedule the blue light filter. Notably, the blue light filer on OnePlus phones is called “Vision Comfort.” The main work of this feature is to help you block the blue light from your phone’s display from getting into your eyes to reduce strain.

Here’s how you can schedule the blue light filer on a OnePlus Android device.

1. Open the “Settings” menu by dropping down the notification shade and tapping the “Cogwheel” icon or opening the app drawer and selecting the “Settings” menu icon.

Schedule Blue Light Filter Oneplus
Method 1 (Left) and Method 2 (Right)

2. Tap on the “Display.” Under the “Display” menu, you will find the “Vision Comfort” option.

Schedule Blue Light Filter Oneplus Vision Comfort

3. Under the “Vision Comfort” menu, tap on the “Turn on automatically” option and select the “Custom time range” option. It will allow you to select a custom time range to automatically enable the blue light filter.

Enable Vision Comfort

4. You can also tweak the color temperature and saturation level of the blue light filter from the “Vision Comfort” menu.

That’s it! The blue light filter is now set on your OnePlus Android phone and will automatically turn on at the scheduled time.

Schedule Blue Light Filter on a Samsung Android Phone

For those of you, who own a Samsung Galaxy device, the blue light filter option is called “Eye Comfort Shield.” Fortunately, you can also schedule it to turn on automatically.

1. Go to your Galaxy device’s “Settings” menu and select the “Display” option.

Blue Light Filter Samsung

2. Under the “Display” menu, find the “Eye comfort shield” option. On some Galaxy phones the blue light filter is named simply “Blue Light Filter” or “Night Shift.”

Display Settings Android Blue Light

3. Opening the “Eye comfort shield” menu will show you multiple options you can tweak and change. One is the “Set schedule” option that allows you to choose between an automatic sunset-to-sunrise time range or a custom schedule.

Samsung Custom

4. If you are using the “sunset-to-sunrise” option, then the location service needs to be set to on. This will enable your phone to know when the sun rises and sets in your location.

5. Setting a custom schedule time will automatically turn the blue light filter on and off on your Android phone based on the set time range.

Other Android phones

If you are using a fairly recent Android phone, the blue light filter option should be built in, albeit with a different name. Most of the time, its option can be found under the Display section in Settings.

Wrapping Up

If you use your phone extensively throughout the day, you should schedule the blue light filter to turn on at night so that the bright screen doesn’t affect your sleep. If you’re looking to view your content on a larger screen, cast your Android screen to a TV.

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