Schedule Android Profiles To Change Automatically With Profile Scheduler

When you have an Android phone, you use it for many reasons. A lot of times, your Android phone is used for both work and personal.

When you are using your phone for business, you are not going to want certain ringtones or backgrounds to be on your phone no matter how funny you think they are. When you are at home, you may not need the same settings as you would if you were working. In steps Profile Scheduler.

Android Profile Scheduler basics

There are a lot of things you can control using Profile Scheduler. You can set up a bunch of different profiles for different occasions. Each of the profiles can have very different settings. The default profiles are:

  • Normal
  • Meeting
  • Silent
  • Night
  • Outdoor

You can use each of these default profiles as a starting point to create what you need. Some of the settings you can make adjustments to:

  • Ringtone sound and volume
  • Message Notification sound and volume
  • Audible touch tones on or off
  • Wi-Fi on or off
  • Bluetooth on or off
  • Screen brightness and timeout
  • An application to automatically launch


Scheduling profile changes

There is an option to schedule changes automatically. What happens here is, you need to set a time range and choose the days of the week you’d like to have the profile change. Once you select the profile you’d like to be activated, you are all set.

The scheduling feature can be turned on and off manually if your schedule changes or even overridden by selecting a different profile if you have an impromptu meeting for example.


Using Rules

Rules can come in handy for automatically changing your Android phone profile to something more appropriate for the situation. In the Rules tab, you can create a circumstance to have Profile Scheduler make a change to your profile.

The way it works is you select a profile you’d like to change to. Then you choose the criteria. Is it in a desk dock or is the battery level low or you are in a certain location. Then you may need to add some specifics like where your location needs to be (e.g. the office or at home) on the map or how low your battery needs to be.

Once you have set all of these criteria, you are all set to go. When the situation is met, Profile Scheduler will switch up your profile accordingly. I have one set for when I arrive at work my profile changes to my Work profile automatically.


Possible Profiles


A driving profile could consist of turning your Bluetooth on and activating Vlingo for using voice commands to make calls while driving.

In the office

You can have the Wi-Fi turn on and change your notifications and ringtones to something a bit more business-like.

At the gym or running outside

You could have the media volume turned up and the ringer volume lower. You are less likely to answer a call while you have your phone strapped to your arm while working out. You could also have the screen brightness turned down and even shut off the mobile data if you are listening to music on the SD card or internal phone storage.



There are a lot of possible uses for a having multiple profiles set up and easily changeable with a few clicks. It takes a few minutes to initially set up the profiles and perhaps a bit of tweaking them now and again, but you will come to realize the little time spent can really save you a lot of trouble and bring you a lot of conveniences.

How do you change your phone setting quickly?

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world's greatest game... Soccer.

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