Scan Files for Viruses Directly From The Desktop

One of the easiest way to check if a file is malicious is to upload it to VirusTotal and get it to analyse your file. To make it even easier, you can use the Phrozensoft VirusTotal Uploader to scan files for viruses directly from your desktop, without having to go through the process of opening the browser, loading the VirusTotal website and upload the file. All you need to do is to drag and drop the file onto the app and it will automatically upload to VirusTotal and fetch the result of the analysis.

Using Phrozensoft VirusTotal Uploader

To get started, go to the Phrozensoft homepage and download the installer. The installation process is simple and hardly takes a minute. Launch the application and you will find three different tabs: Upload Process, Awaiting Results and Available Results.

Phrozensoft Virustotal Window

Under the “Upload Process” tab, it will show you the upload progress of the files. In “Awaiting Results” tab, it will show the files that have been uploaded to VirusTotal. After the file is scanned by VirusTotal, the results will be shown in the last tab.

Phrozensoft VirusTotal Results

When you double click on the files in the “Available Results” tab, a new window will open showing you the list of antivirus programs that were used to scan the files along with other basic information such as program version and the date when the virus definitions were updated.

Virustotal Services

Phrozensoft VirusTotal Uploader also comes with a widget where you can drag and drop files onto it. If you need to scan files regularly, you will find the widget to be a handy tool.

Phrozensoft Uploader Widget

Another really useful feature of the program is that you can scan all the running processes using VirusTotal as well. Click on the “Process” option from the main screen, and it will show you all the processes that are running in the background. To scan any process, just check it and click on Submit. It will scan the process, and the results will be shown in the Results tab.

Apart from the running process, you can also scan startup programs, services and active network connections.

Phrozensoft Process


If you are an active user of VirusTotal, this Phrozensoft VirusTotal Uploader app will definitely be a handy tool for you. Not only does it save you the trouble to upload the files manually, you can also use it to upload multiple files at once, and save you tons of time in the process. Check it out and I am sure you won’t regret it.

Phrozensoft VirusTotal Uploader


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