How to Save a Friend’s Whatsapp Status on Android

How To Save Whatsapp Status Android Featured

For better or worse, WhatsApp is the foremost messaging platform on Android (as much though as I champion Signal at every possible opportunity). With the “Status” feature, it doubles as a kind of mini social-network platform, letting users post a status that expires after a certain amount of time (although you can also make it permanent).

These statuses can sometimes be funny clips or memes, and if you want to get your hands on them, there’s a way to do it without asking your friends. Here’s how.

What is a WhatsApp status?

On WhatsApp’s main interface for Android, you get three chief headings for each section of the app: Chats, Status and Calls. Statuses are similar to Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook stories. A user uploads a picture, video or text that WhatsApp keeps up for 24 hours or until the user decides to delete it.

Why would you want to save a WhatsApp status?

Has one of your contacts ever uploaded a video or a particularly funny picture you want to share? WhatsApp doesn’t make it particularly easy for you to do this. You have to ask a friend to send you the media, screen grab it yourself or download an application that saves statuses for you. This is a waste since WhatsApp already downloads the media onto your phone (and hides it) when you view it (unless of course you’ve told it not to).

How to find and copy WhatsApp statuses

This tutorial was done on Android 10, which is a little more restrictive than previous versions. You used to be able to find the WhatsApp “Statuses” folder using the default Files app, but these days you’ll need to use a third-party app, as it’s become a hidden folder.

We used the retro-looking but reliable Total Commander, but really, you can use any one of our favorite Android file manager apps, and it will do the job.

How To Save Whatsapp Status Android Total Commander 2

Using Total Commander (or your file manager of choice), go to “/storage/emulated/0″ (aka ‘Internal shared storage”), then navigate to “/WhatsApp/Media/.Statuses/.”

How To Save Whatsapp Status Android Total Commander 1

Here you’ll see all the Statuses posted by your friends that are stored on your phone like other WhatsApp images. You can save them one by one or select multiple statuses to save.

And that’s it! You can now poach your friends’ WhatsApp statuses. To continue dabbling in the world of WhatsApp, see how to overcome WhatsApp’s strict video size limit to send high-quality videos. Or for something a little sillier, head over to our list of the best WhatsApp sticker packs.

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