iPhone Quick Tips: How to Save Phone Extension & Create HTML Email Signature

Let’s set aside some complicated tutorials as I have two really quick guides which, I think, would be very helpful for any iPhone user. The first tip will teach you how to save phone extension so that you can easily call anybody without having to dial the local extension every time. It is also applicable when you are calling customer support hotlines. The second tip would be about creating cool HTML email signature in your iPhone.

Save Phone Extension for Easily Dial

I believe everybody has tried calling any customer support hotlines and experienced the inconvenience of dialing corresponding numbers just to get a representative on the line. Fortunately, there is a way to skip all that using your iPhone.

Supposing you have a friend you want to call with a phone number 71234567 (just an example), local 7654. You can either dial the extension every time you call or you can save it a dial your friend in just a click of your keypad.

Saving a Phone Number with Extension

Step 1: Key in the real phone number (in this case, it’s 71234567) then press “+*#” button to display the “pause” button.


Step 2: Press on “pause” button. This will add a space and a comma after the phone number you just entered. Virtually, it means that there will be a friendly pause after you’ve dialed the number.


Step 3: Now, you are ready to key the local extension, and that’s it. You can save the phone number in that format.


Saving a Customer Support Hotline

Now, when it comes to support hotlines, you have to follow the same principle in saving the number. For example, the hotline is 2222 0000 and you have to dial 1,2,3 just to get the representative to help you.

Step 1: Key in the hotline number (for example, 2222 0000) and press “+*#” button.


Step 2: Now, press “pause” button to put in a space and a comma.


Step 3: You have to key in the sequence of numbers that you have to press just to get to the correct department. But you have to put a pause in between those numbers.


So, what your iPhone will do is to dial the hotline number then pause for a while and dial the sequence of numbers with friendly pauses in between.

Create Cool iPhone HTML Email Signature

Email signatures are the best way to have your own personal brand. Signatures are often the one that make an impact to the recipients of your emails. Thus, if you think an email signature cannot do anything good for you, you’re wrong. Here is how to make professional HTML email signature;

Step 1: Point your browser to http://www.coolgeex.com/iPhoneSign/ and fill up fields as much information you want to appear at the end of your emails.


Step 2: If you have entered the information you want to appear with your emails, you may click on ‘Create Signature‘ button below. Make sure you have entered a Pin Number, you will be using it to authenticate your access later.


Step 3: Once you click on ‘Create Signature‘ you will be given a URL to access. To be able to use the signature you just created, you have to use the given URL every time you send email from your iPhone. Thus, it would be better to bookmark it or create a shortcut to it so that you can access the page without a hassle.

Step 4: Launch Safari from your iPhone and point it to the given URL. You will then be asked for the Pin Number you entered earlier; enter it and click on ‘Go‘ thereafter.


Step 5: You can now create an email with your cool, customized signature. If you want to send emails with your signature, you just have to launch the shortcut you created in step 3. That’s it.


I hope these tips can help you. Should you have questions to ask, don’t hesitate to leave comments below.

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