How to Save Phone Battery While You Travel

When you travel, one of the devices you use the most is your phone. You have almost everything you’re going to need in there, and as a result, you’re regularly using it. The more you use it, the more you’ll have to charge it, naturally.

The only problem with this is that you might not be able to find an available wall socket when you need it. To prevent that from happening, here are some methods you can use to preserve your phone’s battery life when you are on the road.

Charge Your Phone Whenever You Can

If your phone’s battery is at a good percentage, you might pass on the chance to charge it. For example, if your battery is at 80%, you might not feel the need to charge it just yet, but passing on the chance is a bad idea.


There is no guarantee that you’ll have a wall socket to charge your phone when you need it, so charge your phone whenever you can, even if the battery is at a high percentage.

Always Use the Original Charger

If you’re charging your phone at the airport, there is a good chance that there are dozens of people waiting to do the same thing. As a result, the faster your phone charges, the better. When you use your phone’s original charger, you reduce the time you have to wait for a full battery.


Not only will your phone charge faster when you use the original charger, but you lower the risk of your phone exploding. When you use a cheap charger, you’re using one that’s made out of cheap parts that could easily catch fire.

Use Airplane Mode Even if You’re Not Flying

Airplane mode can help you save a massive amount of battery, even if you’re not up in the sky. When traveling, you’re going to run into a no-signal area sooner or later, and it’s these kinds of areas that will drain your device’s battery.


Your phone is always going to work to help you find a signal, and it’s this effort that drains the battery. Even if your phone were to find a signal, your phone would continue to find a better one, therefore, wasting your valuable battery power. You can also disable other features that can cause battery drain such as Bluetooth and GPS (just to mention a few).

Use Dark Wallpaper and Dark App Themes

This is a tip that will always work, whether you are traveling or not. The fewer pixels your display needs to light up, the more power it saves. The same rule applies to apps.

If an app has a dark theme (such as YouTube), it’s a good idea to use it. There are plenty of great apps that offer dark-themes.

Uninstall/Install Apps Before You Travel


Having to uninstall your favorite apps can be a tough task, but do you think you can go without them until after you have charged your phone again? Apps such as Facebook Messenger will consume a large amount of your phone’s battery. If you think you can uninstall apps that consume a lot of battery, go for it.

Lower the Screen Brightness

Sometimes it can be difficult to look at your screen in the sun (and you are not advised to). To lower your phone’s display, go to “Settings -> Display,” and use the slider to lower the screen brightness (Disable the “Auto Brightness” feature, too, as it can use up a lot of battery increasing/decreasing your screen brightness).

You can also swipe down from the top of your display to adjust the screen brightness. As long as you are there, you can also check to see if you’ve enabled your location. If so, it’s a good idea to turn it off. Leaving it on will only drain your battery.


Download Content Before You Travel

By downloading content before you travel, you can save the battery required to go online and stream your content. If you are using Google Maps for navigation, download the map before you travel. If you subscribe to Spotify Premium, download your playlist so it can be played without an Internet connection. There are many apps you can use offline.


The less your phone has to do, the more battery it is going to save. The more services you can turn off, the more battery you’re going to save. How do you save battery power? Let us know in the comments below.

Fabio Buckell

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  1. I always run my iPhone 8 Plus on low power mode – always works – just no background upload to cloud services – no big deal – lasts almost 2 days instead of only 1

  2. ERROR: A dark screen MAY very well use more power than a light scree. It depends on the display you have. AMOLED screens will save if you go darker. However, screens with LED backlights (like the LCD screens) actually activate a pixel to be opaque to make black (which blocks the light from the LED behind it). In these cases, the backlight is always on, and it usually takes energy to turn pixels opaque to make black.

    The point is: check with your mfgr. AMOLED screens will, indeed, preserve battery with darker themes. These are more common in later model smartphones.

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