Boost Your Productivity by Using ‘Save on Facebook’ to Read Posts Later

Boost Your Productivity by Using 'Save on Facebook' to Read Posts Later

If you like keeping up with all the latest updates on your Facebook account, even at work, then it could be a huge productivity-killer. You either have to stop checking Facebook and miss the latest updates or get lost in the Facebook News Feed realm and lose productivity. If you are trying to find a balance between spending time on Facebook and being productive at work, then we may have a solution for you.

Almost two years ago, Facebook launched a “Save on Facebook” feature. It lets you save all types of posts in your news feed or anywhere else to read them later. If you are working on something important, you can quickly go through your Facebook news feed and save everything that is interesting. When you get some free time, just access all the saved posts again. This way you will be productive at work while not missing out on the latest updates from your friends and pages of your interest – it’s a win-win.

Save Posts to Read Later

Saving posts to read later is extremely simple, and you can do this on literally any type of post you see on Facebook, including photos, videos, books, events, places and everything else. When you are going through the news feed, click on the “Downwards arrow” next to the post of your interest. From the drop-down menu, click on “Save Post,” and it will be saved. The “Save Post” button changes according to the type of content you are saving. For example, “Save Video” is used for videos, and “Save Link” is used for link-based posts.


You can save posts from anywhere not just the news feed, including Facebook pages, friends’ profiles and even your own posts.

See the Saved Posts

To see all the saved posts click on the “Saved” button on the left side of the Home page right under “Favorites.” Here you will see all the posts that you have saved listed according to the date you saved them. You can both like and share posts, but you will have to click on each post to view them in a new tab because you will not get as much control and detail as you get in your news feed.



The great thing about Save on Facebook is that it automatically arranges all the saved posts into categories, like videos, books, movies and photos, etc. This allows you to easily look for content that you need.


Archive or Delete Posts

When you have read a post and it is no longer needed, then you can easily delete it or archive it to keep it with you for future reference. I didn’t find any option to quickly delete a post from the saved section; you will have to archive the post first and then delete it (which should be an unnecessary step).

To archive a post, click on the “Cross” (x) button at the top-right corner of the post, and it will be archived. After that, go to the “Archive” category at the top-right corner of the page, and you will see all the archived posts. To delete a post click on the three horizontal dots button “…” next to the share button, and click on “Delete” from the menu. You can also “Unarchive” the post from the same menu.



Is It Worth Trying?

Save on Facebook is similar to a read-it-later tool like Pocket for the Web, but it works only on Facebook. We adore the convenience these read-it-later tools offer while browsing the web, and getting this on Facebook is surely a great thing. One thing I really liked about Save on Facebook is that it gives periodic notifications about the saved pages that you didn’t touch after saving. Facebook will list the post in your news feed along with the latest posts and notify that you didn’t see this post. This is a big problem with read-it-later tools as you will only remember to see the saved content when you actually open the tool, but Facebook solves this problem.

Do you use Save to Facebook to check out posts later? How is it working out for you? Let us know in the comments.

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