How to Save Mobile Data with Google’s Datally App

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If you’re not careful and don’t monitor your data usage, you could end up with one expensive phone bill at the end of the month. Various apps allow you to control your data usage, but Google has a new one for you to try: Datally.

Google claims that this app will help you monitor your data in real time and stop apps from using data in the background as well. You won’t have a hard time using the app since it has a very user-friendly interface.

Keep Your Mobile Data Under Control with Datally

Datally (formally known as Triangle) is not the kind of app where you have to spend a lot of time adjusting the app’s settings. After you install it, the app will automatically start using a VPN to monitor how much data each app uses. It will also ask you to grant it a series of permissions such as phone, location, SMS, and VPN.

In the “Manage Data” option, you can see how much data you’ve been using today, this week, or this month. To view this information, tap on the calendar icon at the bottom and choose how much of your data-using history you want to see.


Scroll down to see a list of the apps you have installed on your phone. The apps that use the most data will be on top of the list with the ones that use the least on the bottom. Datally will show how many apps can’t use your data at the bottom of your display.

See How Much Data Each App Uses

If you want to see how much data you’re saving with Datally, just toggle the “Data Saving” toggle to the right. The green line that indicates how much data the app is using will decrease or increase, and you can toggle the button on or off.


After Datally has been monitoring your data usage for a while, it will offer suggestions that will help you save as much data as possible.

On the app’s main page, you’ll also see the “Find WiFi” option where it will tell you the nearest WiFi network. You’ll know how good those networks are since they will already be rated by other users. Just tap on the “Get directions” option, and you’ll get turn-by-turn directions to the nearest WiFi network.


Getting directions to the nearest WiFi networks is definitely a handy feature, especially if you’re not from the area. Since Datally is from Google, it will automatically open Google Maps to give you the directions you need (at least that’s what it did during my testing).


If you’re on an unlimited plan, then you apparently have nothing to worry about as data limits are not part of your mobile plan. For everyone else, this is one of the various must-have apps on any Android device to help keep mobile data under control.

How do you keep your mobile data usage under control? Leave your tip in the comments below.

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